About Me

I am a 25 year old guy who isnt very good but wants to be. I typically shoot high 70’s to mid 80’s. It truly depends on putting and if I can keep it in the short stuff. My cap is around a 6. I use The Grint as my GPS and my handicap tracker. They say those last 5 are the hardest.  I am obsessed with golf equipment and enjoy it probably more than I enjoy playing golf. You will find that I am changing clubs in my bag frequently. Nothing makes me better outside of practice but its all about the hunt. My wife and I moved to the DFW area 6 months ago from Houston. I am going to buy a Player Development Membership at Riverchase Golf Course. I pride myself on being a budget golfer as well. I play good golf for good deals and get pretty good clubs for good deals. I will put my total amount invested next to each club in my bag.

Whats in my Bag

Driver-Tour Issue Taylormade r7 Superquad 9.5* Stiff Flex w/ Swing Science 200 Series ($60)

3 Wood-Tour Issue Titleist 910f 15* w/ 6.0 Tour Issue Project X ($55)

3 Hybrid – Adams Idea Pro Black 9031 19* w/ Stiff Flex NV Voodo ($5)

4 Hybrid- Adams Idea Pro a12 23* w/ Ozik Altus Stiff Flex (Free gift)

5-PW Nickent 3dx pro w/ Ping AWT Stiff Flex Shaft ($80)

Gap Wedge- Callaway Big Bertha 2002 (Free)

Sand Wedge- Cleveland 588 54*

Lob Wedge-Cleveland 588 58*

Putter- Ping Redwood B60 34 in


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