The Big Lie

I am going to get some feedback from this one from people saying I dont know what I am talking about. I’ll also get some push back from people saying I dont have any experience and yadda yadda. I agree with the 2nd point I dont have the experience of many a lot of people.

Here is my experience with golf club fitting

-Certified fitter through DSG/Golf Galaxy
-Worked for a Top 100 Club Fitter for over a year. I had many conversations about fitting with him and he has influenced my thinking in many ways and also challeneged me to think differently about golf club fitting.

To me the biggest lie in golf club fitting and equipment is the Lie Board.This piece of equipment is far less useful than it gets credit for. I see fittings taking place all of the time that use the lie board. Lie boards create perfect divots not perfect golf shots. If I told you that you can have a perfect divot or a straight shot which would you choose? I know I would choose the shot every single time. The lie board tells us what is going on at the bottom of the swing. I dont care what my turf interaction is if I hit it dead straight every time.

This is not to say Lie Angle isnt important when fitting a golf club. I would argue its one of the most important factors when fitting for irons. The fitter I worked with LOVED messing with lie angles. In every iron fitting he would grab a club that was 3* up and one that was 3* down. Watching the ball on Trackman and down range was something to be amazed by. The ball would differ by 30 yards. Again lie angle is important.

With all of that being said, The solution is to watch the ball flight and adjust the lie from there. I believe in a dynamic fitting. Watch the flight if its fading pull that toe up. If its hooking a little push the toe down. I once saw a guy come get fit who was hitting a fade/slice. If you put him on a lie board he needed 2* flat. Now I ask why would I want to make this guy flatter who he is already hitting a fade. Who cares what happens on the ground. I care about ball flight. Before I changed my swing I would measure for 1 degree flat. I tried that and my fade was even worse. Moved it 1.5 degrees upright and it straightened out. If you play for pretty divots I applaud you. I play for low (ish) scores.


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