Highlights From PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day

I obviously cant go through everything that I saw pictures of today but I can give you some of the very interesting clubs and news that has come out of day 1


  1. New Ping Anser Putters– They are celebrating the Ansers 50th birthday with a classic remake. It looks amazing. It has the TR Grooves. I cant really putt with plumbers neck putters but I may have to snag one of these just because of how good it looks
  2. Scotty Cameron Putters– I havent been too keen on his newest releases the past few years. I LOVE his old stuff. Carbon Scotty is best Scotty. That being said I dont hate these. Goes back to some classic looks. He has added in a new “insert”. He calls it an inlay not an insert…..  Its a damn insert. Hard to justify the price of $379 when you are entering into a CUSTOM Edel and mannkrafted putter
  3. Odyssey Works RX– This has been a good year for putters. The Works line was one of my favorites last year..I loved how they looked and boy did they get that ball rolling. This year they have focused on the feel of the putter by reoving the silver insert with the metal X grooves and have decided to incorporate that into the actual white hot insert. To regain some of the characteristics of the metal x they have decided to add a special paint that has quite a bit of surface texture.
  4. Toulon Putters– These are interesting. Nice classic shape to them. Adjusted weight plate on the bottom as well. This company was started by a former Taylormade VP. Hopefully they can stay around.


  1. King Cobra Utility– This one is a game changer for me. Its a driving iron (which is my favorite type of hybrid) but it can be adjusted. This should be a bigger story than it is. I love this. A hollow driving iron…. I love how they hit a low piercing flight more so than a hybrid. Imagine tuning one up perfectly. Man I love it!
  2. Hogan Hybrid– Looks like my Adams Hybrid. Sign me up please!


  1. Taylormade M2 Driver– Remove the adjustabilty of the weights and lower the price by 100 bucks. Not a bad game plan.

Other Goods

  1. The Golf Board– Its a new kind of golf cart. I believe Spieth was riding one in Abu Dhabi. Just really cool. Would love to get one out on a course
  2. Oban Steel Shaft– Ill be honest with you. I dont know much about it. If it plays like anything like their wood shafts…count me in
  3. Biion Footwear- Im not sure the story on these or anything else. All I know is they look kind of cool
  4. Epson M Tracer– Epson (yes the company that makes printers) has a golf swing analyzer. Sounds fun to jack around with. Hopefully it works as well as a swingbyte.
  5. Swing Click– It is a tempo trainer that looks like a pen. It looks like it has a sliding weight inside that goes click to click. Interesting concept.

Hopefully this stuff will start hitting stores soon enough and I can get my hands on it. If you want me to try and find something let me know. Ill try to get my hands on it and give you a slight review.


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