Day 2 at the Merchandise Show

A couple of new things made their debuts today. First off we have huge news regarding the Olympics this year. As we all know Golf makes its return to the games and Adidas/ Taylormade Golf. They usually make great apparel. Here is a picture of the new “uniforms”

Adidas Uniform

That picture is courtesy of Golf Digest. Now let me say I want all of this in my closet ASAP. The shoes are spot on the polo is awesome with the American flag on it. The Polo in the background is amazing. Lets talk about the new shoes. They are perfect and I would never see those pants at the golf store and say ” I need those” until now. They are spectacular. Look at that bag in the background too! Dont forget that sweet headcover as well. 10/10 Adidas well done!

The next item I wanted to talk about is the new Odyssey Toe Up Putter.  Is it the prettiest thing in the world? I don’t think its terrible looking but why don’t you take a look and decide.


I am a terrible putter. Like god awful. I am willing to do just about anything. I would even be willing to give this a shot. The club is unorthodox because unlike most putters that have toe hang this putter has a toe that hangs up (hence the name) This means it will work for both Straight back-Straight Thru people and people who have an arc in their putts. Odyssey is never scared to take a risk. They will do some crazy things if they believe it will make you a better putter. I mean if I am being honest this cant be worse than the Flip Face right?

Another cool item I saw today was the Golf Slot Machine. I was intrigued enough to head over to their website Apparently it has been around a while but I am just now seeing it. Take a look for yourself

Slot machine

Put the ball at 1. Then put the club at 2. Take it back for step 3. Follow the blue on step 4. I gotta work on the wife to convince her that spending 90 bucks on this is a good idea so I can write a review about it.

Well guys Ill see you tomorrow for day 3!



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