PGA Merchandise Day 3

Day 3 has been a kind of slow day in terms of things that have come up. There were a few things  Lets take a look…

I just regripped my clubs (it was a disaster and a story I promise to tell after the show)and I saw something that caught my eye that made em a little upset I already regripped. We got a new grip from Golf Pride. It is a new co-op between them and Game Golf. Game golf is one of the coolest things Ive ever seen in regards to golf. It will track your stats and your distances by having a sensor attached to the butt end of every club. One of the drawbacks I have heard about the game golf is that those sensors will sometimes pop off and you lose it. Well Golf Pride has fixed this by making it go inside of the actual grip. Its genius. It even tells you when you need to regrip. MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I need this in my life. I need a Game Golf and I need this grip.

There is a wedge company that has shown up that I havent seen before. They may not be new but it is my first time seeing it, Its name is Grindworks Japan ( these things are gorgeous. Offering 10 different grinds of the sole gives you choices with out being overly complicated. I like them all and wouldnt hesitate putting one in the bag. I mean look at this thing!


Like I said I kind of like the weird training aids and I haven’t really mentioned anything weird. That was changing as soon as I saw this…..


This is the Holeout brand AntiSway Pro.( It locks onto your leg and prevents you from swaying. Swaying causes loss of power and makes you chunk it and thin it. Which I have been dealing with and OH MY GOD THIS IS THE SECRET! Between this and the training aid from yesterday I am gonna have t shut this website down pretty soon because the quest will be over…..wait….I still cant putt…. Never mind. The quest continues.



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