Last Day of the PGA Merchandise Show

Well guys this will be the last update on things coming out of Orlando. Obviously with things kind of winding down nothing crazy new or breaking has come out today. A few things I have noticed this week that I have not mentioned yet are

Golf Pride SNSR Grips- This seems to be the non-tapered grip for me. I really like the idea of the Super Stroke. I like the oversize and I like the non-taper but good god I HATE the foam feeling it has. I love the feeling of the golf grip. Give me the rubber feeling in my grip dang it! This is a non-taper (they will make a pistol shaped taper version as well) grip made with rubber not some foam plasticy feeling material. Im excited. The biggest drawback is the color scheme. More of that damn Volt color. When will that ugly color disappear from golf. I hate it. I hate it on Nike I hate it on the new Super Stroke Grips. I hate it everywhere. I will probably keep my Red (Go Coogs!) Pure Big Dog for now


Next item is the US Kids Golf Booth- Not much to say on this except US Kids makes the best stuff for kids especially at the price point. I love it and rather than cut down an old club for your kid and screw up the weight and his swing buy him or her one of these clubs. Grab a wedge or an iron. Its fantastic.. Do it. Just do it. They fit base don height not age. Everything is color coded to make it easy too.  They even have a tour series set for “better players”




That’s it for the show guys! Be on the look out for some new posts this weekend as well. I will venture away from equipment and discuss me actually playing the game. One of the courses I have wanted to play since moving up here is Cowboys Golf Club. Well for Christmas my Mom bought  My Dad and I a round to play. I guess it was father son bonding time gift. Well Dad wants to play on Sunday so we are going to use our Christmas rounds. I’m super excited and expect some pictures as well as a review of the course.




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