A bad round but a good time

Look let me get this out of the way first. I shot like 95 yesterday. Honestly I couldn’t care any less than I do. I tend to take this game pretty seriously and hate shooting that high. Yesterday was the exception. Despite shooting the highest I have in a while I had the time of my life. Why? Because I got to play with my dad who honestly one of my favorite people in my life. Yesterday I mishit shots and had 4 straight 3 jacks. I honestly attribute that to the sheer amount I laughed on the course yesterday. I couldn’t focus on hitting a solid shot. Hearing the sound of contact then an expletive as the ball trickled into the bunker totally threw me off my game. Watching him try to escape that same bunker was hilarious. Its hard to putt when you are hunched over crying from laughing so hard.

Dont get me wrong he had his fair shares of jokes to make at my expense. I would mishit a shot and he would just go ‘What the hell was that?”. Let me preface this story by saying my dad has dressed up in a panda suit and gone to the Baylor basketball game and has entered Karaoke competitions. The man doesn’t get embarrassed and has no shame. For the first time in my life I saw him get embarrassed. We were on the tee box and my dad decided those guys in front of us were out of his range. I was walking up to the teebox when he made contact and said “Oh thats right at them” my dad goes “f-f-f-fORE” as timid as I have ever seen him. The ball reaches the group ahead of us ON THE FLY! It splits the 10 yards between the cart and the guy hitting his 2nd shot. They turn around and my dad just hangs his head and walks back to the cart. Meanwhile I am laughing so hard I am crying.

This post isn’t anything groundbreaking or earth shattering. I just want to tell you to not take yourself too seriously like I tend to do out on the course. Sometimes having fun is more important than going low. Sometimes being with good people can make you have a good time even when your play terribly.


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