New City New Teacher

So as I said about my round on Sunday at Cowboys. I shot pretty high but didn’t care. I dont care about shooting high THAT round. I do care about shooting high most of the time. That leads me to The Quest.

The Quest is the search for an instructor.This is when I wish I still lived in the H. I would just trek on over to Swanson Golf Center ( and get a lesson from an instructor who helped me get to this point.He took me from a high to mid 90’s player to a high 70’s to mid 80’s. If you really want more info shoot me an email and I can give you recommendations. I would love to have him take a look and tell me a couple of drills to do. I really liked the way he taught and it worked with how I learned. I am also struggling because I don’t feel I need an overhaul. I feel I need a tune up.

Since moving to Dallas, I have gotten multiple jobs and have finally found one that affords me the opportunity to get a few lessons and play golf more than once every few months. Today I started on the quest to find my Dallas version of my Houston instructor. Looking online only is very tough. Its hard to know how an instructor performs or teaches. I know what I’m looking for in an instructor and I know what technology he MUST have. I want an instructor with access to V1 and if it is an indoor instructor either Trackman or Flightscope. I really want an accurate simulator. I also need a “new school” instructor. I need an instructor who believes in the physics of the golf swing. I want the instructor to believe in the “new” ball flight laws. I know this may seem a little picky but it is what I expect. I think I have it down to 3 places. Tomorrow I will be stopping by one of these places and I made a stop today at another. It will be an adventure. Like I said its The Quest. Ill gladly keep you updated on who I find and how it works out!


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