A Crazy Golfing Week

Sorry for disappearing for a week. Ill just say the last week was a crazy one. I will go through it real quick then in later posts this week Ill break each one down.

Saturday 2/6- Went to the orientation for the First Tee of Greater Dallas. It was 2 hours long and we went over how to set up and properly teach the class. I was a summer intern for the First Tee of Greater Houston. It was an awesome summer job and I loved what the organization stands for. I finally got my job and schedule situated so I figured now was as good a time as any to join. Decide to hit some balls afterwards. This was an incredibly frustrating time for me. Everything was thin.

Sunday 2/7- Super Bowl.

Monday 2/8- After talking it over with the wife, who is the most beautiful,funny, and sweetest woman in the world, I decided to book the lesson I talked about a few posts ago. Funny thing was I decided to go with the place the First Tee orientation was held. They had an outdoor range and video capability. Who needs Foresight or Trackman when you can see the actual flight of the ball?!?!?!

Thursday 2/11- Take my lesson. It was a good time and something I will tell you about in a post later this week. Great facility great instruction and I learned a ton!

Friday 2/12- Decide to go to the local golf shop (this will tie in to my Saturday) as well as the range to work on some of the things I learned in my lesson. I head home and mess around with some golf clubs including torching a putter. It turned out ok. Ill show you some pictures soon.

Saturday 2/13-  Show up for the First day of the First Tee. Got told the class I was going to help teach was no longer offered. That was disappointing. I really wanted to help out. With my schedule the next 4 weeks the time on Saturday just wont work for me anymore. Looks like Ill have to wait until Spring session 2. After that I decided to go hit up IKEA and get new pillow. This puts me near a couple of golf stores so I decide why not.Long story short I end up with a Swingbyte 2. I’m like a kid on Halloween. I got a hell of a deal on it. It involved some trading and exchanges and all types of stuff. I cant wait to take it out a few times and give you a true review of it.

Sunday 2/14- Valentines Day. My wife,who again is awesome,pretty, and the best person in the world, was getting back from a bachelorette party so she decided she just wanted to go home and nap. under the guise of giving her a quiet house to take her nap in I decide to go to the range and play with my new toy. For the first time using it I couldn’t believe the actual data. Again I am beyond stoked. I decide to head home and just look at the stats.

As you can see it was a pretty eventful week and I can not wait to go into deeper detail this week with you. after that week, I may take a few days off from golf and just relax. Maybe let my back relax as well.





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