Setting up for success

A few posts ago, I wrote about the journey of finding a new instructor in a new town. This was a long journey for me. It was filled with indecision and a lot of questioning myself. When I was looking for an instructor I had a few requirements.

  • Be outside. If it wasn’t outside I wanted a high quality simulator or launch monitor
  • Quality Instruction/Past Success
  • Nice Facility
  • Knows,believes,teaches new ball flight laws
  • Video. I prefer V1 because I am used to it.
  • Price

These requirements had me narrow the search down to 2 places. The first one was at the PGA Tour Superstore. The instructor there is a Class A PGA instructor. Unfortunately it was inside and their launch monitor isn’t a Trackman or Foresight. The instructor did use video and it was very nice. They also give you a recording after your lesson. They were running a special and it met the price point I was looking for.

The other option I had was to schedule a lesson down in Houston with my old instructor. I am going down for a wedding in the middle of March. I could schedule something and work with what I knew. The instructor I use there is a former Class A instructor. He let it lapse but he was at one point. I also like the fact that I would be able to hit off grass. I was also excited to work with my original instructor. He knew mys wing and what i was trying to accomplish. We worked well together. I knew how he taught and I really liked it. This facility has V1 as well. It was a little out of my price range but I could do it.

I was ready to make my decision at the end of the weekend. That Saturday was training for the First Tee. It was at a golf facility named The Golf Center at The Highlands. I got there a few minutes early and started walking around. I saw they offered lessons. I took a peek and saw they had V1. I also grab a pamphlet to see how much a lesson was.I saw one of the instructors fit inside of my budget. The instruction seemed to be very good. They had a staff of about 8 instructors. Most were PGA Class A. I decided at that point to look into this facility a little more.

Monday after work rolls around and I decide to call the facility and book my lessons. I decided to book a lesson with Tom Morehart at the Golf Center. I booked on Monday and was set to see him on Thursday after work. I showed up a few minuets early and was handed a ticket with a code. I took this code out to the range servant machine,punched it in, and next thing I knew I was getting 75 golf balls put into my bucket. I trek over to the end of the range to the roped off area labeled “Instruction Only”. I hit a few balls and next thing I know I hear a vice ” Are you Robert?”. I respond yes and  he introduces himself. He then asks me what is going on with my swing and what we need to work on. I respond with my typical miss. I was hitting it thin and because of that I was tending to lose distance and accuracy. He asks me to hit a few shots so he can take a look.

After I hit a few shots he looks at me and basically says I like most of the swing but its your set-up I am not a big fan of. First thing is my grip. This one hurt because I always thought I had a really good grip. My hands were too far apart. I fix that and we address the next issue. The next issue was my arms. My right arms was sitting much higher than my left arm. this showed I was actually wide open with my body.I thought this helped me clear my body but I was wrong. This one took some practice before I got it. The 3rd and final thing we wanted to work on in my set-up was my head. I was tucking it and it was making me stand up a little in my swing.I took a few swings and everything felt weird. after a few swings we head inside to do some video. We look at the new set up on video and everything is looking pretty good. I take a few more swings and we look at them on video. The swing is fairly on plane and everything is looking pretty good. I hit a few thin but I chalk that up to the new set up. We go back outside and work on the follow through. I have finally started making good contact but everything is going out right. At this point Tom wants me to work on hitting a hook. I start taking some half swings and we work on that. I am still hitting it thin but honestly the misses are more consistent. The big thing he tells me is to finish my swing. I keep the thought on finish the swing and next thing i know i am striping 4 irons down the middle of the range. The set up still felt weird but I am starting to get it. I hit my last ball and we decide to go inside and pay for the lesson.

I now know I have a few things I need to get done. I go home and grab a golf club around my house and practice my set up. The next day I decide to spend my Friday night at the driving range. I head on over to a range and spend the next hour working on my set up and finishing the swing. I’m working pretty hard on it. I am starting to see some progress. I am hitting the ball really well.I am still catching it thin at times but they are fewer and far between. The big thing is finishing the swing. When I actively think about that i tend to hit the ball better. I complete my turn and my finish. That helps me drive the ball.

I couldn’t have asked for more in my lesson. I will be going back. I may not do another hour. I will probably do some 1/2 hour lessons. My mind works better that way. All my swings have improved from Driver to Wedge. Next up is trying to figure out how to putt.






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