The Release Cycle Misconception

“Didn’t Taylormade just release the M1? Why would they release another driver now? Typical Taylormade.”- Random Golfwrx forum member

Taylormade has gotten a bad reputation over the past few years for constantly releasing driver after driver. This reputation is a little unfair, and I’m not even a Taylormade homer. In fact, I don’t have a single Taylormade club in my bag. My statement is based solely on the fact that I’m a golfer that pays attention. If you still don’t believe me, lets take a look at the statistics. Taylormade has always had 2 distinct lines. First, the players line, aka the R line. It features most of the adjust-ability you see on drivers, including weights. The other line is the game improvement line that’s built on distance and forgiveness. Every year Taylormade releases a new driver for each line. It may seem like a new driver is released every 3 months, alas, that’s not quite the case.

images (2)

2005: R7 425

2006: r7 460

2007: r7 superquad, r7 CGB Max, Burner

2008: r7 limited

This is where we see the real seperation of the two lines.

2009: r9 and Burner 09

2010: r9 Super Tri and Burner 1.0

2011: r11 and Burner 2.0

2012: r11s and RBZ ( The fairway wood really did change the fairway wood game. If you disagree with me I will gladly discuss this with you in the comments)

2013; R1 and RBZ Stage 2

2014: SLDR and Jetspeed

2015: r15 and Aero Burner

2016: M1 and M2

As you caan see, Taylormade has always had 2 lines. A distance line and a “performance” line. When ever I hear someone talk about how disgusted they are that Taylormade is releasing ANOTHER driver, I can’t help but roll my eyes. One brand people love to bring up when discussing product release cycles is Ping, which has 2 lines at well. They have the G series and the I series. The G series is their forgiveness line and the I is the “players” line.


2005: G5

2006: Ping Rapture

2007: Ping G10

2008: None

2009: G15, Rapture v2, i15


2011: G20

2012:i20, Anser

2013: G25

2014: i25

2015 G30,G30 LS, G30 SF tec

2016 G,G LS, G,SF tec

There for a while, Ping was only releasing one driver a year, which is respectable. However, they only released one line at a time. Taylormade feels they have new technology, so they push the envelope much more than Ping. Hell, Ping barely has any adjustments on their drivers. They were also the last to offer hosel adjustability.  I am also curious to see what Ping will do now that they’re releasing 3 new drivers a year. At this rate they have released more drivers over the last two years than Taylormade has.

If you look at it through a non biased lens you will see that Taylormade isn’t crazy. They release fewer drivers than Nike,Callaway,Cobra, and now Ping per year. I know its fun to make the joke everytime, but honestly at this point it’s old, not funny, and just plain false.



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