Oh Tiger!

I firmly grew up in the Tiger generation. When I was growing up it was basically Tiger or Phil.I was never a Phil supporter. To me Phil always accepted the butt kickings he got. He accepted mediocrity and I didn’t respect that. Meanwhile, Tiger was ticked off when he finished second. I respected Tigers competitiveness and I wanted him to keep winning..

Having worked around professional athletes, I can seperate the athlete and their actions off the field. Is Tiger a Grade A jerk because of what he did? Yes he is. Can I still like what he does Thursday-Sunday on the course. I sure as heck can. As he was going through all of his troubles I was sure he would come back and dominate. I figured he would escape to golf. The drama would lead to more golf,more practice,and no slip in his performance. Little did I know his back was going to tap out.When I kept hearing about his injuries all I wanted was for him to take as long as he needed to heal up. I wanted the Sunday Augusta back 9 Tiger roar back. Golf was better with Tiger dominating.

When Tiger announced he was taking an extended break to have back surgery and heal I was disappointed but also glad because I thought it would lead to getting the old Tiger back. Its what I wanted for Tiger and for golf.I had assumed things were going well until the Secret Tour Pro tweeted that Tiger wasn’t doing well. He can not sit up. He had to get a personal driver so he could get in the car and recline the seat all the way back while traveling. I was disappointed.

Tiger’s people called it a lie. No one really believed it was a lie until this happened


BOOM! Tiger comes back with a giant middle finger to the reports. It was a single 9 iron but it shows he is good enough to swing. This right here is typical Tiger. Everyone says things about him and he goes out and shows them up. I LOVE IT! He still has that Tiger swagger. That Tiger mentallity. I hope he comes back wins another 50 majors and rides off with as many smoking hot blondes as he wants.


One thought on “Oh Tiger!

  1. Growing up in a Tiger era I remember idolizing him as a kid too. Such a dominant figure in golf at the time. It’s a shame about what happened in his personal life and with his back and I too have always hoped he would come back to his past form. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction! Great story!


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