Coming Up Short

It was a tough weekend in the quest for scratch. Simply put, I went out and shot way too high. I literally played bogey golf, shooting a 90. You are probably wondering how I shot a 90. Well, it was a disappointing day with the wedge. Take the par 5 3rd hole. It showed 518 yards on the scorecard. I bombed driver down the middle, pulled 3 wood, and figured bomb it close and see what happens. I smoked the 3 wood. According to my range finder, it was 43 yards. Figuring my 58 degree wedge would work, I chunked that one. Now I had to do the 15 yard walk of shame to play my next shot. Chunked it again to 15 feet, then 2 putted for a bogey. That was one hole.



I consider myself a pretty good wedge player. For the longest time my motto was “If I am going to miss a green, I might as well be good around it”. I practice around/on the green 75 percent of the time vs 25 percent with my irons and woods.Lately though, I have been focused on my full swing. Since I wanted to implement the things I learned in my lesson, I obviously had to put the short game to the side and flip the routine, going to 65 percent full swing and 35 percent short game. Clearly, this was my big mistake on today’s game. I couldn’t putt either. I mean I am a TERRIBLE putter on most days. I’m such a bad putter that if someone said you must 2 putt from 10 ft or your wife dies, I’d would have to say, “love you, we had fun,” right before putting. Today was even worse. It certainly wasn’t helped by the fact I didn’t knock a wedge close all day.

There were some positives out of the round though. The swing changes sure were looking good. I hit almost every shot in the middle of the club face, so the thin miss didn’t show up one time. I seem to be hitting the ball in the center of the face more often, and as a result, I am hitting the ball higher. Oddly, I’m losing about half a club per shot, which came back to bite me a few times. I stepped up to a par 5 and pulled my driver out. There was trouble down the right side. I took a big swing and the wind immediately took control and pushed the ball straight up into the air and into the river down the right side. I took another tee shot and hit it pretty well. I used 3 wood and hit it pretty well. The green was across a pond. I take my PW and took a cut. The ball again ballooned up and fell about 5 yards short into the water again. I’m sure this was partly me not reading the wind correctly. I also cant help but think if I was as long as I “used” to be, it would have made it. It was very frustrating at times. The most frustrating moment of my round,which had plenty, was when I shot the flag with my range finder. I was about 5 yards behind the 150. The rangefinder showed 181. I shot it again and it showed 181. I thought to myself there is no way its 181. I thought 160 tops. I grabbed my 160 yard club. I nailed it dead on the flag, except I was 20 yards short of the flag. Boy, that made me upset.

Things to work on: Wedges, Putting, Trusting my range finder, Dialing in new distances

Positives: Solid Ball Contact,Great drives,Consistent,Handicap remained the same





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