How to get good equipment on a tight budget :Local Shop Edition

So we have hit up a thrift store and gone to a big box golf store so far. If youre anything like my mom and my wife, you will want to shop local. You can still get a great deal at your local shop! Let me teach you how to go support small businesses and save money.

These little places can usually be found online and by simple word of mouth. Here in Dallas, I have found 3 different ones, and I tend to favor one over the others. The best part of these stores is the different personalities you will meet. The owner is usually working behind the counter and will be talking to you or anyone else in the store. These shops are great places to learn about the local golf scene and meet local golfers. I know you are not here to hear about the perks of shopping local; you want to know how you can get good equipment and not spend too much money. A lot of these tips are tips you’ve seen before in my post yesterday, but I will throw in some new knowledge as well.

The brands you want to search for are all the same ones as before. You will want to go towards the big brands: Adams, Cleveland, Titleist, Ping, Taylormade, and Cobra are all  brands that you will want to search for. Also in these shops, you may sometimes run into the occasional boutique brand. Look out for a Bettinardi putter, a Scratch wedge, or even a Wishon Wood. Another bonus a lot of these golf shops offer is the fact they sell preowned bags.

When dealing with a local store, the most important thing is building a relationship. Make your face shown around the shop. Meet the owner or the other folks who are usually working. This can be used to your advantage later. You may even make a new golf buddy! Going into a local store is like playing a game of chess. I recommend going in and buying a few clubs or items at full price just to build a reputation. After a few small purchases and small talk with the owner, you’ll have a solid reputation built up. This is when you can really strike some deals. Local shops usually give more for trades than Big Box Stores. The owner of the local store knows what sells and how much he can get for it. He won’t need to consult the PGA Value Guide. He may peek at it, but he will usually go with his gut. Unlike a Big Box Store, he may be willing to negotiate a value on a trade in. If you are willing to buy a club, they are even more inclined to help you out. The prices may not always be the greatest in terms of things to resell, but they are a perfect place to round out your bag.

Just go in and have a good time. This will be a place where you can get good deals. If you are trying to find a way to make money, this may not be the place for you. On the other hand, if you want a good club for a good price, go in and build a relationship. This has gotten me some very good results.

Titleist Bag- Bought for $45. It is my current golf bag. I bought it in almost new condition

2 Cleveland Wedges- Bought for $25. Just recently traded in for $20 each after using them for 6 months.

Tour Issue r7 SuperQuad- Bought for $20. Sold recently for $75. This one one of the rare instances where I knew I could make money off a club.

Adams Super Speedline LS 3 Wood- Paid $0 for it after getting trade in credit on some older clubs. Got it home and realized it had a not for resale shaft. It is still in the bag

Bushnell Range Finder- Bought for $35. It is sitting in my bag. It is an older model, but it shoots a laser and gives me the yardage.

As you can see, I have been able to put finishing touches on my bag at these shops. It is very fun going local and interacting with the owners and shop keepers. Stop by, support your local business, and get some new gear! See you tomorrow when I go over the deep, dark, scary world of internet shopping.

For my local Dallas readers, check out Lou’s Golf in Carrolton, Clubfinders Golf in Plano, and Custom Craft Golf in Arlington. All 3 are great places and all 3 are run really well.




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