How to get good equipment on a tight budget: Internet Edition

I hope you have learned something and have got yourself a top notch set up. If you are still itching ot get some great deals here is where your patience can really pay off. Im talking of course of the internet.

I have a few favorites that I visit regularly. Some are ones you have heard of and some are probably ones you have not heard of.

ebay: Ebay can be a treasure trove and I could probably write a post on just eBay. I go to the golf section and sort by ending soonest. This is a way to see a more accurate description of what pricing is. When auctions start at .01 it can be tempting to throw down a bid but dont. You will be outbid. Also on ebay make sure you are reading item descriptions. Nothing worse than buying a new iron set only to see it is a left hand set. Also be aware forgeries happen in the golf world. If it doesnt look right or its too good of a deal dont do it. People end up buying fake grips and clubs on ebay all the time. ALWAYS CHECK FEEDBACK.

Craigslist– This one is tricky. I usually check it sparingly. When I go to the site, I will go click on Sporting and then search for Golf. I will go through that and then search Ping, then I search Titleist etc. I hardly find anything. Most of it is overpriced junk. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a nice Taylormade driver that is worth about $75 and seeing it priced at $250.

Golfwrx– This is actually a golf equipment website. They also have forums where a lot of information is shared. Its a fun website to visit. One of the most popular places on the forums is the Buy Sell trade board. This is a place where you can really get your hands on some high quality equipment for less than retail. You wont find junk here. With that said you wont find those really good deals here. It is all high quality but a high price. You can negotiate a little here but people on this site are very proud of what they have. People will get up set if you low ball too far. Honestly I havent found the magic number but it can work. I also like posting in the Want to Buy portion. This is where people will come to you with things they want to sell. At this point you get to pick and choose. .

The Hackers Paradise: Another equipment website with a forum. I dont visit this one very often. Good deals are abound here but the way their forum is set up isnt my favorite. Post from a long time ago contiinually pop up. This crowd is more willing to negotiate and also much more relaxed than WRX. I have seen some good deals here. Nothing I have pulled the trigger on but a good site with some good deals nonetheless.

My Golf Spy: Another forum for golf equipment. The people are really nice but the classified section isn’t very active. Good people overall though.

There are still a few rules on the internet you will want to follow. If it is too good to be true it probably is. If you see a club for 50 dollars less in one place than EVERY other place don’t buy it. It has a good chance of being fake. Id rather pay a little more and know its real. Be patient. If you need something right away I hate to say this to you but go buy it at a store. Don’t use Amazon. Everything is retail pricing and there are hardly every any sales.

Well everyone join me tomorrow when I finish the series on finding golf clubs on a tight budget. I will show you how to take that rusty piece of crap and turn it into something useful and not as ugly. We can make things useful again!





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