The original is sometimes better

Sorry for not writing a few days but I had to go to one of my favorite places. I had to go down to Houston to attend a wedding. I didnt do much golfing but I did get to see some great friends. The wedding was fun and many drinks were had by all. I can show you pictures of the beach and how awesome my wife and I looked but you come here for the golf so Ill bring the golf.

Last week I wrote about how easy it was to find good quality equipment when your budget is not quite up to brand new prices. Well last week I practiced what I preached. I went to the PGA Superstore. My piece on the big box store told you to go into the big box store with a plan. My plan was to go in looking for new driver or even a new shaft for my driver. I’m not disappointed in my driver but I do always like to change it up. I walked up and down the used club rack looking for a new driver. I found a couple but they were out of the budget. I walked away and wanted to look at some accessories I could try out and review for the blog. I didn’t see anything. The used club rack called me back one more time. I headed back to the clubs and wanted to look at the shafts. After about 3 or 4 minutes something caught my eye. It was a VTS Tour SPX 6s. Attached to it was a Super Speedline LS 10.5* head. That’s too much loft for me but that shaft already had an adapter attached to it that fits my driver. That made it even easier for me. It required no extra work on my part. Sign me up! I took it home and looked up some stats on it.  After researching some information on it I found out it was a low launch low spin shaft. I was thinking this could be the way to get a little more distance out of my drives. Who wouldn’t want an extra 5 yards? This led me to take it to the simulator. I went to a different PGA Super Store to use a launch monitor. For ten dollars they allow you to use their simulator for 30 minutes.

I walked into the simulator with the new shaft in the driver. I decided to hit 5 good shots with each shot. Remember 5 good shots. If it wasn’t true to what I usually do I discarded it. I topped a few and threw those out. So with that being said, I started with the new shaft set to standard. I took 5 swings and all felt pretty good. The results on the simulator showed some interesting results. Club speed was average of 104. The average distance was 255.  The dispersion was within 15 yards of each other but all were left of the target line. Next up I decided to put in the original shaft. The original shaft had 5 great feeling shots as well. the results were fairly similar it. Club head speed was 104. Distance was 255.3 and the grouping was super close. The caveat being it was right down the middle. The original shaft actually launch the ball lower but the spin was higher. I actually had higher carry with the original and less roll. The balls all landed on top of each other and even rolled out right next to each other. This showed me the original shaft was going to most likely be the one for me. Now I wanted to play around with some settings. The spin was too high and I wanted to lower that. One way to lower spin is to lower the loft. I set my driver to 1 degree down and took my 5 swings. The launch on these 5 swings actually remained the same to my surprise. The spin lowered a little but I lost my tight grouping. This was not what i wanted. I gained 2 yards in distance but to me the tight grouping was more important. Just for fun I wanted to see what would happen if I threw it up to 10.5. That was ugly. Carry remained the same but I lost distance. every shot ballooned.

At the end of the day it seems the original shaft at the original settings is the way to go right now. It survived this challenger. The biggest disappointment to me was the smash factor. I was getting 1.37 smash factors. The USGA limit is 1.49, If I reached that I would be getting an extra 12 MPH in ball speed. That is a lot of lost yardage. I am wondering what I need to do to make sure I can reach that number. I have bought some impact tape to see where I am making contact on the face. If I am hitting it in the middle of the face and not getting good numbers I may need to continue my search for a new driver.




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