Getting clean

When I was a kid and playing baseball I was always told to treat my glove like my most cherished possession. There was no throwing or slamming the glove. We wernt allowed to leave it anywhere and if we did we had to run. I always took this very seriously. This has made its way into my golf game. I love my equipment. Like a lot. My wife can attest to this.

Tonight I got to do my weekly cleaning with my clubs. They get cleaned once a week but depending on the status they are in it can be more. Its one of those things I enjoy doing. I am usually watching TV while im doing it. Just dip the toothbrush in soapy water. Scrub it until the grooves are cleaned out. Dry off with a towel and move on to the next club.Every 3 or so cleanings the grips get hit with the toothbrush as well. This makes the grips feel brand new. There is something about a nice clean set of golf clubs in the bag that gives me some confidence. I have always felt that when there is dirt in the grooves it affects the shot. Im scared some glob of dirt is going to send the ball rocketing the other way. I also dont feel the ball flys as well. Call em crazy but clean shots come from clean clubs. I even try to clean between shots on the course. Usually I wont do this on the range because Im working on a feeling not necessarily a shot.


With the beauty of modern launch monitors we can now compare clean grooves vs dirty grooves. With dirty grooves my inclination was right. The ball does fly much differently. Since there is dirt in the grooves spin rates go down. this will prevent you from holding that green making you chip your 3rd shot instead of putting it. Were talking the difference between a 8 ft birdie put or a 20 ft birdie putt. The ball also launches higher. With dirt on the face the ball tends to stay on the club a little longer. This makes the ball launch higher. As I said yesterday high launch and low spin equals more distance. That sounds good in theory but with less spin also means that usual shot that starts left and goes right now goes left and wont come back. It is also much less consistent. Id rather have an idea what  is going to happen than an extra 15 yards.

Dirty golf clubs can negativly effect your golf game. It can bring more inconsistencies to your game. I also believe in taking care of your equipment. Take care of it and it will take care of you. In addition to preventing  inconsistency it also is a better look. Take pride in your things. It takes 30 minutes. Go outside check your grooves andhit them with an old toothbrush. Its easy I promise.



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