Getting a Grip

The only part of a golf club you touch is the grip. Thats why finding a golf grip you love is so important. Some people like to have one grip on every club. Me personally I like to have the same grip on every club section. All the wedges get a certain grip. All the woods get a certain grip and the irons get a certain grip. My drivers I prefer a corded grip. With the woods I like to grip it and rip it. For that I need all the traction I can get. For Irons I use a tour velvet feel grip and wedges I will vary depending on my mood. I know it can be tough to find grip reviews so I am here to help with my top 5 and bottom 5.

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5) Golf Pride Tour Velvet

The Good: A classic. The most used golf grip in the world. Tacky and performs great in all weather.

The Bad: Kind of boring.


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4) Golf Pride VDR

The Good: The price is usually affordable. Come sin a few colors. Actually gets better as time goes on

The Bad: Can get a little slick in the rain or wet conditions.

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3) Iomic Sticky

The Good: Feels great after a bunch of rounds. Last forever. Non rubber. Feels soft and is very sticky

The Bad: These things are expensive. If you are playing MCC you might as well get the iomics in my opinion.

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2) Pure Pro

The Good: Tacky, Can hit it wih a quick toothbrush scrub and all the tack comes right back. Seem to last a while. Easily installation if you have an air gun. Fun Colors. Just a inexpensive as the Tour Velvet

The Bad: Not easy to find in stores. White part of the logo turns yellow easily.


1)  Best Grips Classic Grip

The Good: Tackiest grip on the list. Wipe it with a wet towel and it becomes new again. Doesnt break down only breaks in. Hands down the best grip out there. Can customize to whatever colors youd like. Made in America

The Bad: These are very expensive. $18 a grip. Considering these last a few years though it may be worth the initial investment. Can sometimes be too sticky.

The Bottom 5

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5) Winn Dri Tac

The Bad: Too mushy, Twists too much in the hands. Provides no feedback, Standard doesnt feel like a standard. A huge pain to get on the club. Tears up in no time at all.

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4) Lamkin Crossline

The Bad: Very rough texture for a velvet type grip. Surface pattern is very deep.

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3) Golf Pride Multi Compound

The Bad:The weight has always felt off. I dont hit any club with a multi compound well. As soon as I get the grip off and replaced I hit the club better. Tears up hands and gloves

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2) Golf Pride Z Cord

The Bad: Super rough. Might as well wrap sandpaper around the club and have me grip that. This grip is for people who hate themselves


1)  Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

The Bad: Moisture control is the worst. I play in Texas where humidity and sweat play a major role in what happens down here. As soon as a drop of moisture hits this club you might as well throw it away. You can not grip the club any longer. Also the finish on these grips collect dust very quickly and make the grips fairly slick

I know you are wondering what I have on my clubs. I play the Pure Pro on my irons. On my woods I play the Lamkin UTX,and wedges get the plain tour velvet grip. If you need any other recommendations I would love to help.






3 thoughts on “Getting a Grip

  1. nice post. I have different preferences for grips. I love the Dritac grips but that is my opinion. I used to like corded grips but after awhile I felt they were too hard on my hands. My preference is to have the same grip on every club except the putter obviously. Its amazing something as simple as a grip can have so many variations.

  2. Ive had a Dri-Tac on a wedge before. I wont lie it feels great. After playing for a while they just tear up and I feel like I cant control the club. I can understand the love. Its really a cost thing for me. A grip that costs 7 dollars should last longer than a month

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