SwingByte 2

Today we take a look at a product I have been looking forward to reviewing for a while now. Its Called the Swingbyte 2. It very well may be the swing trainer you are looking for. I have had it for a couple of months and have enough range sessions to be comfortable with it.



My favorite part of this item is the sheer amount of data. For something this small it produces a ton of data. Anything that relates to the club can be found in the app. One thing i have been wondering is how far from the inside I have been hitting the ball. This was an eye opening experience for me. I was able to see I have been coming from really far inside. Another thing it told me was my face was closed to the path. Coming from the inside with a closed face make the ball go left. I may be doing it too  much but now I know.I mean look at all these data points:


I also compared it to a simulator and all of the measurements matched it as well. If youre looking for spin rates and ball speed this wont work for you. This will tell you the information from the club. People pay a lot of money to get devices that measure only part of these.Seeing it in its packaging you may think it will cause some issues with weight and be a distraction. The white is actually a good choice as it blends fairly well into the club. It was fun. I also really appreciated how easy it was to set up. Pull it out of the package, download the app,sync up your blue tooth,and swing away.The app is another positive for this device. It is easy to use. The best part of the app is the fact that you are able to input your club measurements. That way it can really tell you how much loft you are adding and subtracting from each shot. Of course you dont have to use that but if youre smart you will do it. The app also has a comapare function. They have some pro models you can compare to. I noticed that I am extremy flat compared to most of the pro models. One thing you may also hear with items like this is the ability to align it. The top has a nice white line that makes it very easy to align.For the most part the device stays aligned on the shaft. There are examples where it hasnt (See Below) but its not something where you have to adjust it every swing I also love the fact it can track putters as well. This has been very beneficial for me


The device does feel robust but I do have to tell you about a problem I had with it. I took it out for my first range session and everything went well. I was super impressed with the device. I decided to take it out to the range for my second session. This was after my lesson and I wanted to see some differences in numbers. Well as I have said in past posts is my miss is thin. When out on the course if I have to miss I prefer to miss thin. Well the Swingbyte doesnt like it to be hit thin. When I hit it thin it shook the club so much that the Swingbyte would come loose. Well i took a swing and actually caught this one pure. As I watch the ball I see my Swingbyte go flying down the range as well. I go to pick it up and the metal latch had come off. I searched the range and couldnt find it. I also noticed a very large crack down the side of it.To be fair to Swingbyte they answered my question the next morning and was told to take it to the store I bought it. I did that and had a new Swingbyte in 2 and a half weeks. It was great customer service and wasnt a pain at all. The durability is a concern though if you hit it thin. The new device has withstood some of the thin shots much better. Another problem I have is the lack of the Android support. Android does have the app but we dont have the virtual coach or the awesome Cleveland wedge analyzer software. This is probably the biggest thing that upsets me about it. I love the information and I would love to try those things but because they dont make certain parts of the app available for Android I feel like I am getting only half of the benefits. If they bring these options to Android (which they should) then the device will be almost perfect.


The device give so much information it can almost be overwhelming. If youre a range rat and a data guy when analyzing your golf swing like I am then this is absolutley the device for you. I was able to get past the fact my first one broke after 2 range session. I was helped quickly and efficently. Its great customer service like that which keeps customers.The only thing keeping this from a better score is the fact the Android support is so small. Maybe we will get a date at some point for when I can get the virtual coach and Wedge analyzer but until then I will have to give this device a



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