Golfsmith does it again!

Sorry about not posting yesterday. I got super sick and didnt have the ability to write.

This post is going to seem like its me beating up on golfsmith again and honestly it probably is. Honestly though they deserve it. I dont feel bad about this at all. A few months ago I saw a commercial for Golfsmith. The commercial was telling customers to come in and get fit. It showed a guy being fit and he was super happy with the results. I didnt think much of that until I saw this.


Do you see it? No its just me? Fine! Enhance. I SAID ENHANCE!!!!!!!


Are you kidding me? You are trying to sell me a fitting and the guy in your commercial is hitting a slice. The line in the middle is the center of the range. If you hit it there the ball goes straight. As you can see this ball is not even going to come close to the center line.  Look how happy the guy being fit is. He is amazed at the fact his ball is going so far. What he didnt realize is his ball is 60 yards offline. If I hit this shot on the course I am grabbing another ball while saying 4 letter words.  Looks like were hitting three of the tee but damn that ball went far! Goodness this is bad. Also has anyone gone to a Golfsmith that had a range this wide open?

Now that I have gone off on how terrible that shot is and the fact that he is happy with that shot. How the hell did this get past the editing stage? Why would you even turn on the monitor if you dont hit it straight? Why would you not get a guy who hits it straight or at least doesnt hit a big push slice off the tee box. Thats bad editing. thats bad directing. This is embarassing. Have some pride Golfsmith goodness. Want to know why people think getting fit at a big box store is a joke? This is why people think its a joke. With that being said Ill come join your marketing team. I require a full set of clubs, membership to a local course, 40k a year and you have to convince my wife that we should move to Austin.



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