Bridgestone Ball Fitting Time!

Well this post is an exciting one for me. Bridgestone is going to be out at one of my local courses and I just happen to have the day off and some free time. Ive wanted to do this for a while but my schedule has never matched up with the fitting schedule.  If your elike a lot of people you just grab a golf ball and go. This is obviously not the way to go. You could be using a ball that spins too much or not enough. This could be costing you 5-10 yards.

I have always played any ball with a urethane cover. This fiting hopefully gets me off any old urethane cover.The fitting itself is fairly simple. You can tell them a ball you play and you will take 5 swings with that ball and they will then grab a Bridgestone ball that they think will work for you. You then hit 5 and compare the results. One thing I have heard is the fact Bridgestone will recommend a ball even if its not one of theirs. To me this shows confidence in their ball. I dont know if you remember the Pepsi Challenge from the late 90’s or early 2000’s but I love stuff like this. its shows confidence in their product. I can respect that a whole lot. I also plan on hitting the course after the fitting and doing some comparisons on the course as well.

Ill see you tomorrow when I give you the results of the fitting. Until then #thequestcontinues


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