The Perfect Wedge

I usually take the time to update you on my round or some kind of cool thing related to golf in my posts, but today will be a little different. It has to do with golf in a very roundabout way.

About 5 or 6 years ago on a routine trip out to my future in laws house, my future father in law asked me to go out to the garage with him. I obviously did. You go where your future father in law tells you to go when you’re at his house. He knew how much I loved golf and wanted to give me a gift. We go outside and he has his full set of clubs waiting in the garage. Its a full set of Bertha Irons, Taylormade woods,and a big ole Callaway Staff bag. He said “I cant get out to the course anymore and I want to make sure these go to a good home.” My future father in law couldn’t make it to the course anymore because he had advanced lung cancer. Knowing this fact I knew I had to take these clubs. I run inside and tell my girlfriend about these clubs. I was super excited to try them out. He could tell I was excited and my future wife could as well.

We go home and I try to figure out what I am going to do with two sets of golf clubs. I finally figure out the logistics of it all and decide to take them out for a spin. They went into the trunk and off to the range. When I got there I grabbed the 7 iron of my current set and of my future father in laws set. They each got 10 balls. Boy I was hitting them both pretty well. The current clubs had a nice mid flight that just kept going. The Berthas on the other hand spun like a top and went about 10 yards shorter. It was at that time I decided I needed to stay with my current set.

The Bertha’s stayed in storage for a while. During this time his daughter and I got engaged and were ready to get married on April 13th. On March 27th he passed away. Obviously this was very difficult for my partner and I.

After all of the ceremonies for him and our wedding settled down it was back to life. One thing I do when stressed and sad is I play with golf clubs. It was one night I decided to change my wedge set from a 52,56,60 degree set up to a less traditional 50,54,58 degree set up. When I did this I remembered that the Bertha set had a gap wedge that was listed as a 50 degree. I knew I had to have this club in the bag. The night I decided to pull it out of storage was a fun night for my wife and I. We went through the bag and found all sorts of things. We found a leather flask, a bag of tees and our favorite thing: a pouch that had his initials embroidered on it. It was the most stereotypical thing he would have had.


My very first trip out to the course with this club I decided to try and use it around the green. The chip gets going and rolls to about 2 feet. I walk up tap it in and get my par. 4 holes later its time for another chip. What did I do? I grabbed that wedge and took my shot. It rolls out and makes a beeline for the hole. It hits the pin and drops in for a birdie! Well at that point the club is now firmly in the bag. The club is my go to club from 100 yards in. I don’t miss with it. Its a big game improvement club with a ton of offset. It’s begging to be snap hooked off the face of the earth. I just aim to the right and watch it hook right onto the green. It’s point and shoot.

Basically this post is to thank my Father in Law for my favorite golf club. I appreciate all the help he has given me out on the course. I know when I grab it he is watching me going “don’t hit it bad…don’t hit it bad” Then he lets out a cheer when it sticks to five feet. I guess I kind of appreciate the wonderful wife he has given me as well.

Here’s to you, sir. May we always love your daughter and may we always shoot them straight. Until tomorrow everyone!



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