What ball was best for me?

Last week I wrote about how excited I was to actually go to a Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting. As someone who loves to geek out over golf equipment and some of the science behind it I couldnt wait to go. I was off on Good Friday and that meant my schedule finally met up with Bridgestone’s.

The hours you could get fit were between 10 and 2 PM. I knew I wanted to go buy some of the balls they fit me for then get out on the course.  That meant I was going ot have to wake up a little early and get out to Prairie Lakes. I also know myself pretty well and I knew I wasnt going to wake up TOO early. I pulled up Google Maps and wanted to make sure I knew where I was going to. I get to the intersection before the course and I heard a siren. I dont go through and the next thing I know a police officer had traffic blocked. I see a pickup truck coasting through the intersection. Then I see another one. In the section one I hear what sounds like a man preaching. About 30 seconds later this appeared.


Yep, Thats Jesus carrying the cross in the middle of Grand Prairie. I am aware that has nothing to do with my golf ball fitting I just needed to find a way to post it.

Anyways I pull up to the course. I didnt see anything to do with Bridgestone anywhere. I decided I needed to walk up to the pro shop. The trek to the Pro Shop was stopped when a Bridgestone tent appeared. I turned around and grabbed my driver. It was go time. The tent was occupied by two men. I asked what I needed to do to sign up and they said “you just did”. They asked me what ball I currently play. Well the ball I like is the Bridgestone e5 but I didnt want to say that ball and then them kind of not really do anything it and say “oh yea thats the right ball for you”. I decided to pick another ball in the same price point as the e5. I decided to go with the Srixon Q-Star.  At that point they grabbed a sleeve of Q-Stars and we stepped up to the launch monitor and net.

I began to take my swings. They had one guy with me and another one the computer looking at the stats. As I am taking my swings the guy out there with me is telling me about the difference between the balls. He is really harping on the seam of the golf ball. I honestly have never reallynoticed a seam on a golf ball. It hasnt effected me honestly. Maybe it has and I just dont know it does. Well I take my 5 swings and all 5 felt pretty good. We walk back to the table and the guy working the table grabs a sleeve of e5 balls. I chuckle a little to myself and we head over to the sim. Again its the same thing. Telling me about the seamless technology on the Bridgestone and the fact it has a urethane cover as opposed to a non urethane cover on the Q-Star. For those who dont know Urethane is a softer cover and the cover that is used on all Tour Balls. This cover is used to increase spin on your wedges and irons. It gives more greenside control. For me this is a big positive and the main reason I played it. We took 5 swings with it and these were the results.


As you can see spin went down as did launch angle. This led to an increase to an increase of 4 yards. A pretty decent gain. I was closer to optimal launch conditions with the e5. It was awesome to see the golf ball I chose for myself a few years ago actualy be the same one the professionals chose for me as well. Maybe I do know a little about golf. When I was done they handed me a two pack of e5’s.

Next step was to go to the golf store and buy some golf balls. Before I did that I needed some gas. I fill up  my tank and go to crank the car and my battery is dead. That really put  akin in my plans. My day of golf turned into a car repair day. I get a jump and headed home to fix my problem. I spend a few minutes fixing the car and it started just fine. The golf store was calling my name. I walked in a went for the golf balls. I wanted to grab the e5’s but decided to try something else. I wanted to do my own comaprison on course. I wanted to stay in the same price range so I grabbed a box of Callaway Supersofts. How did they compare? Look for a post in a few weeks after I take them both for some more rounds.

See you next time when #thequestcontinues


2 thoughts on “What ball was best for me?

  1. Thanks for the break down of your experience. I have one question, did they match the Q-Star or optimize their ball to your swing. Did you try a different Bridgestone ball? I have never been fitted for a golf ball before and was wondering about some more of the details.


  2. Basically what they did was ask me what ball I played. Then they had a guy look at the numbers I was getting and he basically grabbed a bridgestone ball for me. They asked me a budget I typically look for in a ball. I told them around the e5 price. I think if the e5 didnt beat the q star they would have tried to get me to do another ball. It was obviously a way for them to get me in a bridgestone ball but this has led me down a worm hole of looking for golf balls. I currently have 6 different golf balls with logos taken off sitting on my putting carpet.

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