I wish I could quit you

In yesterdays post I told you all about my golf ball fitting on Good Friday. I also mentioned that my car battery stopped working and I had to detour from the day of golf to go fix that. Well I did get out to the course.

Now all last week I was pretty sick. On Tuesday I had a pretty bad fever. I felt weak most of the week. Well I wasnt going to let anything stop me from golf on my day off. I decided to head on over to Luna Vista here in Dallas. Its usually a good price and I like the track. The course was packed. Because the course was packed I got paired with 3 others. They all looked like they could play pretty well.Everyone steps up to hit their tee shots. I was the last to hit. I took my swing and STRIPED it 265 down the middle. I thought ‘This is going to be a good round”. Sitting in the fairway by yourself is a great feeling. What is not a good feeling is grabbing your 9 iron and shanking it into the woods by the green. The ball didnt get more than 3 feet off the ground and went right instantly. I wedged it up and hit my 2 putts. I licked my wounds and headed to hole 2.

Hole 2 at Luna Vista is my arch nemisis. Up to this point my record on the hole is 0/5 .The course has water WAAAAAYYYY right. It also has a road running down the left side. In 5 attempts I have hit it in the water all 5 times. I have tried Driver, 3 wood, hybrid off the tee and every time I end up in the water. I told this story to the playing partners and we all had a good laugh. I tee up and snap hook it into the street. “make that oh for 6 ” a voice behind me says. We all had a good laugh and we continue on. The rest of the front nine was the same. I topped a 3 wood and didnt make the front tees. I hit a pure 6 iron on a par three and despite 3 people seeing it when we got to the green it was gone. No idea what happened to it. It was a disaster.

I didnt really feel that great and never really felt my legs get underneath me until around 12 or 13. By then the scorecard was ripped up. I wanted to quit after 9 and go to church but I paid 30 bucks for the round I might as well finish it. Multiple times throughout the round I asked myself why I played this stupid game. My aim was off my swing was off. I could feel  parts of my body moving that dont move usually. My legs were all over the place. My hands wernt rotating. I wasnt fully turning. I could feel it going wrong but couldnt fix it.

This week doesnt have a lot of golf in it. One thing i do want to tell you is to be on the look out for a few reviews coming up. I am trying to get products in here to try so you know what to buy and where to buy it.

See ya tomorrow as #thequestcontinues



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