Is it me?

The golf ball fitting was a great experience for me. I learned that the ball I had been playing was probably the best ball for me. Look at the stats I was pretty happy until I dug a little deeper. I looked at those numbers and I noticed how low the ball speed was in comparison to the club head speed.

Were going to get into a little bit of technical information. In 1998 The USGA set the COR limit for woods at 0.822 with a test tolerance of .008 effectively taking the limit up to 0.830.The current USGA rule limiting the coefficient of restitution of a clubhead states that the COR cannot be higher than a measurement of 0.830. This means that when the clubhead impacts the ball, there cannot be more than an 83-percent transfer of the energy of the head to the ball.

In golf club fitting there is a statistic known as smash factor. To reach the COR limit the consensus maximum smash factor is a 1.49. You want to get to 1.49 to maximize distance. If you are below that limit you are losing valuable yards. To figure out the smash factor you will need to get onto a simulator. When you get your stats look at your club head speed and the ball speed. Take the ball speed and divide it by the club head speed. You will want this number to be as close to 1.49 as possible. The main thing that can cause you to not hit that number would non center contact. It also could be the fact that the driver just doesnt meet that COR limit.

When I went to the simulator to test out a different shaft I noticed my smash factor was 1.34. i thought maybe the simulator wasnt measuring it correctly. I have been looking at new drivers but I was hitting it pretty straight and my normal distance. I figured Im giving up some distance but nothing too bad. Then I went to the golf ball fitting and got the same 1.34 result. I went out and bought some impact tape. Maybe I think im hitting the center but Im not. I put on some impact tape and took my swings. all but one was dead center. I should be getting pretty close with this impact tape. I know one isnt close but I knew I mishit that one.



As much as I love this driver and how it feels Its hard to give up an extra 25 yards. Thats the difference between a 6 iron and an 8 iron into a green. Im not good enough to give up 25 yards. Im going to try and find a new driver. One that maybe comes close to 1.49.

Finding another driver is just another step as #thequestcontinues


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