What a Weekend

So last week you may have noticed I wasnt giving many golf specific updates. Well thats because my golf money was going to a certain place. I didnt want ot spend money last week so that I could go crazy this past weekend. What was I going crazy for? That would be WRESTLEMANIA!


When I was a kid I watched pro wrestling. I used to waatch it on Mondays until bedtime at 9 then my dad would record the last hour. I would come home from school on Tuesday and watch the last hour. It was always a ton of fun to watch. Well as I got older I stopped  watching.I didnt watch from JR High to Junior year of college. Suddenly my best friends started watching again and I decided to watch as well. When I started to watch I went full in. Eventually we couldnt meet up every week but I did watch it every week. Every week I would go outside watch WWE,smoke a cigar, and have a glass of Bourbon. My wife knows to not schedule me for Monday nights

Watching the show led to me going when it came into town. I would get really good seats and go by myself. I just wanted to go and have a night to myself and watch something hardly anyone else I know was into. God bless my wife she would let me spend what little money we had on shows. It was always a good time. The WWE always puts on a good live show.

That leads me to this past April. I was in my car when it was announced that Wrestlemania was coming to Dallas.  I let out a loud yell and instantly called my wife and said “Im going to go to this. It will cost a lot of money. Just deal.” I know that sounds rude but every year my wife takes a yearly trip to meet up with her friends. I told her I never take a trip like that and this is my version of that trip.


A year later led me to this weekend. My wife knew not to schedule anything that weekend. 20160402_083452_HDRAll day Friday I counted down the hours until Wrestlemania weekend. I went home and just kind of hung out getting ready for the next day. I woke up at 6:30 and got ready. I got ready and went over to the light rail so I could go to the Kay Bailey hutchinson Convention center for Wrestlemania Axxess. Axxess is a giant room filled with Superstars to sign autographs. I am not a big autograph guy but I did manage to find the NXT ring. I watched 3 matches and went through the memoribilia tent. I saw some really cool things in there. A lot of great pieces of stuff from huge wrestling moments. Was it worth the 50 bucks I paid? No.It wasnt but it was still fun. That night My wife and I went to Deep Ellum with some friends and had a really good time.


I went to bed around 12:45 in anticipation of Wrestlemania. I woke up the next morning and started off with the ManiaCrawl. It began at 11:30 I was there right around that time and this was incredible. There were chants being yelled. There were people dressed up like wrestlers. There was good conversation. It was everything i was hoping it would be. (Here is where I do a little plug for them. The group of guys who run it do not make a single dime off of the event. All the money made goes to Connors Cure.  you do nothing else with this post I beg of you to go check out Connors Cure here https://www.givetochildrens.org/16—get-involved—connors-cure—about- . ) Ok now that I have cried posting that link and watching the video we can continue. I left the pub crawl early so I could get down to Arlington early and make sure I was there on time.

I parked about a mile away and made the trek to ATT Stadium. I found a line that was fairly short and made my way in. I sat down at my seat and despite being in the 400 level I couldnt have asked for a better seat. I have sat on the floor at WWE events and they are the worst seats unless you are in the front 3 rows. Here was my view.


Not too bad right?!?!?! Well the night went on and it lasted 6 hours. I had an incredible time. Some of the matches didnt exactly go how I wanted them to but I got to see a ton of favorites. I yelled like a 10 year old. Sometimes it is nice to be a kid again and sitting in that stadium made me feel like a kid again. It was a lifelong dream and it is just another moment to cross off the bucket list. I dont always like ot brag but my parking spot was better than my wifes cousins spot and they had a parking pass. I beat them home by over an hour. I got to teach them the lesson of “The closer to the stadium you are the worst the parking spot is”

Like the smart man I am I decided to take Monday off. I woke up pretty late Monday and my wife,her cousin,and her cousins husband all decided to go to the JFK museum. They asked if I wanted to go and I said sure why not. We roll up to the museum and the line is out of the door. We go against that and decide to explore downtown. We do that until about 2PM.

Overall it was a great weekend. The best thing I did was take Monday off. I got to sleep in,see some family, and play some golf. We dont discuss the score (We will tomorrow). It wasnt pretty. I couldnt have asked for much more than I got. Now that Wrestlemania is over I guess its time that #thequestcontinues


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