Its the best Thursday of the year. No other week of the year do you say “Thank god its Thursday.” With Wrestlemania this past week the Masters has snuck up on me. I got excited for mania then next thing I know I have 3 days to recover and get myself ready for the best golf tournament of the year.

Like I said yesterday my wife takes an annual girls weekend. She leaves on Thursdays and usually comes back on Saturdays. Well this year my wife said she was going on her trip. She gave me the dates she was leaving and returning. I pulled up the calendar and noticed that the week she was going was going to be during Masters week. Wait what? Thats right MY WIFE WILL BE OUT OF TOWN DURING MASTERS WEEK! This weekend I will probably go to the range once and then I will sit myself on my couch. It is time to see the prettiest golf course in the world. I cant wait to sit back and listen to Jim Nantz (Go Coogs!).

I wont bore you with a preview of the tournament. I will try to get you hyped!!!!




Enjoy yourself this weekend! I will try to play a little golf and watch the best tournament of the year. I will give you a quick little update on the tournament then I will break down my round from Monday. I also got a heck of a deal on some new clubs.


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