The S Word

The last few posts I told you I would give you the results of my last round. Well now that the excitement of the Masters starting and Wrestlemania is over I can do that.As I I said in past posts Money is tight with ‘Mania and my wifes trip to Chicago this weekend. The budget allowed for a cheap round of golf so I went to Duck Creek Golf Club.

I walked up to the first tee and yet again striped my drive down the left hand side. Just like the last round. Just like my last round I pulled my wedge and next thing i knew I was watching my ball go off to the right. I grabbed another ball just to see what was going on. Maybe it was a bad swing. The next ball hits the ground and I addressed it. Crack! There goes the ball to the right again. At this point I hang my head and hop in the cart. I walk over and knock a wedge to 15 ft. 2 putt for a bogey. The rest of the front 9 was the same way. Driver out right and couldnt hit an iron to save my life. On a par 3 I grabbed my 7 iron. I actually hit it fairly well. I thought it was going right at the pin. The ball flew the green. Even when I hit it decent I couldnt find a green. I ended up shooting a 49 on the front. I have never been so frustrated on a golf course. I slammed my golf club deep into the mud.

I made the turn and decided to just say forget it. The first tee shot on the back was a snap hook. Thats right I was hitting slices and shanks on the front. One the back I was hitting a snap hook with the driver. This was my day. Hole 11 is a par 3 about 165.. I obviously didnt hit the ball well and left it short and right. I grab my 58 degree wedge and tell myself to knock it close and lets get a par. I hit the shot and immediately knew it was good. A hop later the ball was sitting in the bottom of the cup for a 2 the hard way. This led to a small momentum change. Ball striking got a little better. As I was going around the back the ball was creeping more and more away from the heel and towards the toe. Contact was slowly getting better. Putts were falling. As I pulled into the 18 tee box I had a shot at 89. I needed a par to get there. The 18th is a dog leg left par 4 with the green over water. You have the creek in front of the green and a sand trap on the back side. The bunker isnt deep and hardly has any lip at all. It almost seems its function is to make you decide between the water and the bunker. I stepped up to the tee box and aimed at the 150 marker in the middle of the fairway. Well the weak fade brought back its ugly head on a hole where I did not need it to at all. I ended up 165 out. Well that yardage put me in between clubs. I could have gone 7 iron and try to step on it or hit a choked down 6. With the water up front and my confidence in my short game at a high I decided to go long. I took my swing and it cleared the water. The ball hit the green and just kept running. I yelled at it to bite but it just didnt listen and ended up putting me in the bunker. Now I needed to get up and down to shoot an 89. I grabbed my wedge and took my swing. The ball popped out and landed about 20 ft from the hole. My new putter (more on that later) came out of the bag ready to save my 89. The putt looked like a slight breaker Left to right and it was down hill so I had to baby it in. The putt left the club face and felt good. It was tracking towards the hole. It reached the hole and dipped in the out. It rolled 2 feet past and I had to knock it in for a bogey.

My 2nd or 3rd straight 90 is very eye opening. Going 49-41 is eye opening as well. Most of my iron shots are catching part of the hosel. I am not finishing my swing. I also dont think Im really warming up until hole 8 or 9. Slow play also causes this. My thought is that my swing is WAY too inside. It is requiring a lot of timing and that timing is just off.


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