Oh Jordan…

What a weekend! Throughout most of the day Saturday it looked like another Spieth runaway then 17 and 18 happened. It at least got me to tune in on Sunday. I figured Speith would take control and just dominate Smylie.

As Sunday rolled around I checked the tee times and saw Speith would be teeing off at 1:45 central. My wife was due to and at 1:15.Pick her up go get dog food home by two and not miss much. Well lucky me. I got home around 2 pm and hadnt missed much. I plopped down in the recliner and turned on the coverage. My wife who hadnt just gotten back from her girls weekend decided she wanted to nap and even as a golf fan I can say there is no better sport to nap to. She fell asleep and it was just me, Jim Nantz (Go Coogs!),and Dottie Pepper. Watching Speith jump out to a seven stroke lead had me thinking it was going to be over quickly. Spieth looked to be in the zone. He was getting hot with the putter and finally couldnt miss with his driver. He made the turn and then it came apart.

The 12th hole is where it all went to hell. He took a 7. The tee shot was bad but could be excused. Sometimes even the pros leave the face a little open and flair it out right. Where it gets crazy is the second ball he put into the water. He put such a bad swing on it that it looked like it wouldnt even reach the water. As soon as he hit it I went that was fat. Turns out I was right. He laid sod over it like he was a 25 handicap. I have seen bad golfers make that shot. Hell I hit that shot. It wasnt pretty. He grabbed another ball then put it in the back bunker. If he hits that ball into the bunker on his first drop we talk about that shot as one that hurt his chances. It was 3 TERRIBLE golf shots in a row by the best golfer in the world. I have mixed feelings on Jordan. I like him for his attitude and the way he plays. He is smart and never blows up on a hole. I also tend to dislike him for the use of the towel on every shot. Good lord just hit it already. I also hate the fact he is a Longhorn. It pains me to root for any Longhorn.

All you ever hear is how good of a person he is and how hard he works. I have a ton of respect for him and hope this doesnt become his undoing. Luckilly he is 22 and will have plenty of chances at majors. This week we got some good content. I finally tell you about a possible new putter and we had a demo day near me. Ill give you all the details on what I was fit for and what I may be buying.


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