Demo Day Fun

On Saturday I decided to start the day off with a little golfing of my own. In a couple of posts I have mentioned that on various launch monitors my smash factor has been really low. I felt this has been possibly costing me distance. I also have been thinking my iron shafts were maybe a bit too heavy. Swinging 130 gram shafts all day can get tiring. I figured the demo day at the place I like to practice would be a perfect place to go.

The demo day began at 10 and went until 2. With my wife being out of town I decided to sleep in and take full advantage of having the entire bed to myself. I woke up around 10 ready to go. After a shower and some breakfast it was time to hit some golf balls. I grabbed my Driver, 7 iron and 8 iron and headed out to the range. The first stop I wanted to make was the Mizuno tent. I wanted to hit the new JPX iron and also see about the shaft optimizer. As I walk in the guy doesnt say a single word to me. Now I will be the first to admit a younger looking guy with a t-shirt on and a pair of shorts looks like he is there to hit some balls and waste some time. I admit I wasnt planning on buying anything that day but I do get a bonus soon and am really in the market. I started asking him about the clubs and got strictly one word answers. I asked if he had the JPX in an 8 iron. He said no. I then grabbed the 7 iron and it was a regular flex. I asked if he had it in a stiff I could hit. Again he says “No”. I finally found a 6 iron that had a stiff flex in it. I took a few swings and boy did they feel good. The True Temper XF shaft has a nice feel to it. I walk over to the rep to ask a question. Again he hit me with a one word answer. I decided I had had just about enough of him.

I headed next door to the Nike tent.  Instantly one of their reps came up to me and asked me what I would like to hit. I said a driver and possibly some irons. He hands me the Vapor Fly Pro Irons. The had a stiff flex XP 110 shaft in it. They felt so good and went a mile too. I dont know if it was the shaft or the actual iron. The common theme here is the fact I kept hitting the XP shafts and they kept feeling great. Before handing me a driver he asked me what kind of ball flight I typically have. I told him I hit it high.  He asked me what my miss was and I told him I tend to play a little military golf but my big miss is a high weak fade. He handed me the Vapor Fly driver. He said it wont lower my launch but we could try to do that with a shaft change. He said this should help take the right side out of play. I take about 5 swings with the driver and the results could have been better. Very high. The ball also was tending to balloon as well. He put that club back into the bag and moved on to their lowest launching club. The Nike Vapor Flex. It has the rzn on the back of the head and this creates a very distinct sound,feel,look. It produced more of a thwack than a pure metal hitting ball sound. The results I got were great. Mid flight down the middle. While I was happy with those results I still wanted to hit a few others.

Next was the Taylormade tent. I had to wait a few minutes. The reps were knowledgeable and very nice. I hot both the M1 and the M2. Just like in the store I couldnt get the shaft or settings right. I want ot like them because they look awesome. If I could get better results it would be in my bag just for its looks.  The next station was the Cobra station. Now when I did my in store basic review of the clubs the Cobra King LTD was my favorite. Now I got to hit it in the wild. I can say it didnt work for me as well on the range as it did anywhere else. I set it to 9 degree and hit it low. I set it at 10.5 and hit it low. It had no feel to me. That really stinks because I really liked it in store. Next I went dow to the very end and decided I wanted to hit the Srixon irons. Srixon used to be Cleveland. I walked up and asked the rep what would best equate to my current clubs. He said either the z745 or the z545. the 545 was the first I hit with the KBS Tour S Shaft. Oh man that cub was incredible. They flew low and stopped quick. It was point and shoot. I compared it to my irons and they just felt better. I enjoyed my irons but something was different. Again Im not sure if its the shaft or the club face.

After an hour I needed a little bit of a breather. I sat down and enjoyed watching others hit and listening to the reps talk to the various customers. It was nice to see golfers out having a good time trying to get better. I took a ten minute breather and went to my favorite brand…Ping!

I walk up to the Ping tent and the rep asks me what I’m looking for and my game. I gave him the same answers I gave everyone else and he handed me a Ping G SF Tec 10 deg. I knew instantly I was going to hit this ball too high and snap hook it off the face of the earth. 3 high snap hooks later I walkover to him and say it is way too high and I’m snap hooking everything. He told me my move is a little over the top and it would be hard for him to get me much lower ball flight. He handed me the LS Tec and the drives got better. Still crazy high but this was much better. We basically came to the conclusion the Ping drivers just dont work for me. Good thing too. That thing was the worst sounding driver I have heard in a while. Not quite as bad as the old square headed Nike but still bad. My final stop took me to Callaway. The rep again asked me the same things everyone else did. He handed me the XR Pro to start out. Boy did it feel good. The ball flight was a little high but I would have been able to live with it. I heard the clicking of a shaft going into a club head and turn around. The rep gave me the Great Big Bertha set at 8 degrees. I couldnt miss. Everything I threw at it the club handled. It was long and straight. The rep put me on their trackman and I was smoking the ball I was getting it out 285-295. My Adams was hitting it 265. I asked if I could go grab the Nike and compare the two. He said of course. The Nike rep handed me the club set exactly how it was before and actually joins me over at the Callaway tent. I hit 3 solid shots with each. The balls all fell within 2 yards of each other with the Callaway coming out slightly ahead in the distance challenge. The Nike had better dispersion. It is really a toss up but with my connections to Nike I may just have to go ahead and buy the Nike.

All in all it was a good testing session. afterwards I went home and plopped down on the recliner.Because I am a club degenerate I will probably think about this decision for a while. I cant wait to make up my mind and get the new driver. If you have any questions about any of the drivers i hit let me know Ill gladly answer them!





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