Bryson goes pro

A name that really started to get some play last week was Bryson DeChambeau. For those who follow golf the name was big before he played with Jordan last week.His unorthadox swing,clubs and hat have been making noise for a while. He is one of the few men to have won the NCAA title at SMU (Boo! Go Coogs) and US Amateur in the same year. Basically this guy is good… really really good.

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His Clubs

Today was Bryson’s first day as a pro so he could sign a sponsorship deal with a club manufacturer. Normally this isnt huge news. If he plays Titleist he will sign Titleist Taylormade will sign Taylormade. This situation was a little different. Bryson doesnt play clubs from a major manufacturer. He plays clubs from a club maker outside of Austin named Edel. Why does he play Edel instead of a major manufacturer? Its because all of his irons and wedges are the same length. Traditionally clubs have correct gapping by two things. First is the length of the club. companies can change the length of an iron to increase club speed and help you pick up distance. In theory if your clubs all had the same loft but were different lengths the longer of the two would go further. The other way to create the correct distance gaps is by the loft. By changing the loft you can change trajectory and distance. A 24 degree club goes further than a 60 degree because it is using less energy going up than it is going out. Every club in his set  plays at 37.5 inches. They all have the same lie as well.Thats why where Bryson was going to sign was such a big deal. No one knew where he was going to sign and how they would address this unorthadox we found out those Cobra wedges he had in his bag were some foreshadowing. Bryson officially signed with Cobra/Puma golf today. Now at this time he is only playing his woods and wedges Cobra. He played with a set of Cobras a few weeks ago as a sort of test run. Right now he is keeping the Edel’s while it seems Cobra is figuring out how to make a set to his very specific needs.Now why would he want single length irons?  He believes that if you have all your irons and wedges the same length you will only need to have one swing. Its a good theory. I cant wait to see it on the pro level. Speaking of one swing Bryson also has a very unorthadox swing.

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His Swing

Bryson’s swing is very upright. He set up looks very tense and rigid. Obviously this is not the case or else he wouldnt be where he is now. It is what is know as a one plane swing. Basically he returns the club perfectly to the set up plane every single time. This results in a very straight ball flight and actually creates quite a bit of power. It isnt very pretty if I am being honest but who cares about pretty. We dont play golf swing we play golf. If it works for him then more power to him. It is actually kind of inspiring. We all want the  perfect golf swing. We want to look like Rory when we swing with perfect balance with a picture perfect finish and a nice club twirl at the end. We dont need that. We need our swing that helps us get around the course in as few strokes as possible. Dont go for perfect.go for your version of perfect.

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His Apparel

Bryson is also known for his hat. Its a unique look that noone else currently rocks. He is also signing with Puma. Known for bright colors and a young vibe. As a younger person I like Puma’s gear. It fits well and looks good too. One of my favorite polos I own is a Puma. Basically I hope this means that SMU logo disappears from his hat. It pains me a little every time I see it. I hope I see more of the Puma.


Basically yesterday was a fun and exciting day for golf equipment fans. We had suspected he was going with Cobra but we didnt know until yesterday. We got the confirmation. Now lets see if he can use his sponsorship exemptions to qualify for the tour like Jordan did. If he can its going to be a good investment for Cobra. They dont have much of a presence on tour outside of Rickie and Jonas Blixt. If he has to take the long way to his tour card it could be a few years until the nvestment pays off



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