Little Update

Well I will be honest. I havent done much golf lately. Last week was my anniversary so I did the good husband thing. Also the weather was bad here in Dallas. Shout out to all my friends in Houston. Hope you and your families are ok (Consider donating here). There hasnt been much news breaking in terms of equipment either. There has been a story here and there and Ill touch on them real quick.

$1000 Driver!

download (21)

Titleist announced their new C line of irons and drivers. Ill admit they look good. One thing that is kind of funny to me is the fact they are calling it a concept line. Hardly anyone will see these. The only problem is the “concepts” they are introducing are moveable weights and a cup face. Every manufacturer is doing moveable weights. Also the cup face technology is what Callaway has been using for years. So when Titleist does it it is revolutionary and super expensive. It reminds me when Ping introduced the Anser irons. They charged more for a forged iron like they were the only ones who had them.

PXG introduces a smaller still expensive driver

download (20)

It has been spotted on tour. It has fewer screws than the last one. It also looks to be around 440 CC. People who have hit PXG say its good and it now has a tour presence as well. I couldnt imagine paying $700 for a driver. It would need to have a custom shaft and be fit for me at the comapnies HQ. I couldnt do it

Well this post was to let you know I am still alive and kicking. Look out for the next 3-4 weeks. I have somethings lined up that are going to rock your world. I will have a few reviews for products as well as some exciting equipment news. Just stay with me as #thequestcontinues



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