Back at it again

20160423_152230.jpgI finally got to head out to the course this weekend. I looked around on and ended up heading up to Wylie to play the 7088 yard Woodbridge golf course. Having not been on a course in the last few weeks playing from the tips was a little scary.

I arrived early to make sure I could get loose and play my best golf. There isnt much worse than your first swing being on the first tee. The swing felt pretty good out on the range. I was making solid contact. My name was called and I headed over to the first tee. After a little confusion I joined the correct group and we teed off. My cart mate was playing from the tips so I decided to make it easy and join him from back there. That was longer than I had anticipated playing from but oh well.

Front 9

Hole number one was apretty straight forward par 4. I flaired it out right but ended up reaching with a 6 iron. I was a little off the green. I chipped it up and sadly 2 putted.Next hole was a par 3. Trouble left. I pull it a little and ended up in the creek. I hit another 2 putts. From here on it was all 2 and 3 putts. The putter REALLY let me down this week. If I could contain the putter I feel I could have scored really well. I was making solid contact and hitting the right places. I avoided trouble and kept the ball in play. I got to end of the front 9 and decided to added up my score and putts. I had a 44. I was very surprised by this score. I felt I hit the ball well and should have been around the 41-42 mark. The putts were an abysimal 19. I had 0 one putts on the front side. I couldnt get the speed right all day.It was atrocious.

 Back 9

It was almost a repeat of the front 9. Solid ball striking followed by atrocious putting. The shot of the day did happen on the back side. I took 3 wood off the tee of a very tight tree lined hole. As I walked up to the ball I shot the hole with my laser and got 160 on the dot. There was a creek up front but at 160 I knew it was a stock 7 iron. Off the club it felt good. The ball hit the green and checked about 10 from the hole. I obviously 2 putted and walked out with a par. It was those little dropped strokes that cost me.  Around hole 14 I could feel myself getting tired. This led to more shots going out a little right. The ball contact wasnt quite as solid. On one par three I nailed an absolute bullet headed right towards the hole. My club that normally carries 200 decided it was going to go 190 and ended up in the creek up front. Sometimes thats the game. After finishing I added up the total on the back and got another 44. This time with 18 putts.

Final Thoughts

It was nice to get back out there after taking 3 weeks off. The putting was awful. It is time to hit the greens and hit them hard. The putter is the one club I have no idea what I am doing in terms of finding whats best for me. I have tried every kind of hosel,length,weight you can think of. None of it works. It is defiently a mental thing at this point. I found out the Golf Galaxy near the house has a SAM putter fitting. It is going to eye opening for sure and of course I will keep you updated

Like I said in my last update big things are coming to the site. I have some reviews coming up and some awesome experiences I cant wait to share with you.


2 thoughts on “Back at it again

  1. Sounds like your game is not really in bad shape. Your woes with the putting, may not be the putter. I normally do not plug my articles on someone else’s site, but check out my putting series. There are 5 parts, but they are a quick read.

    Good luck no matter what you decide to do. We all have putting challenges from time to time. I do think practice is a good place to start.


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