Woodbridge Golf Club

In yesterdays post I spoke about my round at Woodbridge Golf Club. The round went ok but I wanted to give a more thorough review of the course. Since this is my first course review let me tell you how I will break it down

I will start with some basic course information. Next up will be the clubhouse and grill. Ill  move onto the practice facilities. Next I will break down the Front 9 then I will move onto the back 9. We finish it up with some final thoughts.

Woodbridge is located in Wylie, TX a suburb north of Dallas. I live pretty close to down town and it took me about 40 minutes to get there. I used golfnow to book my round and paid about $20 for 18 holes and a cart. With a price like that i was a little worried about the course.Its not everyday that you see a Saturday round for $20. When I pulled into the course I was impressed by the club house from the outside.

Club House and Grill

I walked into the club house as a tournament seemed to be finishing up. This made it a little difficult to get to the pro shop but I wasnt complaining. The man working the pro shop was super friendly and helped introduce me to the range. The staff was very nice. I decided to head over to the bar/grill and check it out. It was fully stocked with liquor and beer. It also had your basic golf course food. Hot dogs,Hamburgers,sodas,powerade,and some snacks. Prices also seemed very reasonable. Overall it was very nice.

Practice Facilities

I bought a small bucket which bought me about 50 golf balls if I had to guess. I was directed to the ball dispenser on the range. As I walked up to the machine i noticed no baskets. This was a little confusing. I couldnt find any so I had to actually ask someone if they were done with theirs. They had 5 balls left so luckilly they were.  This obviously didnt make me too happy but I grabbed my golf balls and went over to a very crowded range. This was also frustrating because they had half the range closed. It was pretty cramped but we had to make due. The grass was pretty good and in good shape. When I was called for the 10 minute call. I went over to the putting green. The putting green was huge and had plenty of holes in it. The putts were rolling true. As I was walking to the tee box I decided to hit the chipping green for a few shots. The green was COVERED in yellow range balls. I dont necessarily know if the course was to blame but it defiently was not good. I think they should have one person out whos only job is to monitor the practice area. Normally courses take care of this pretty easily but the club house was a little bit away from the clubhouse making this difficult I assume. This area was a little disappointing


Front 9

I was riding in the cart with a guy who was playing from the tips so I decided to do the same. This gave me a little bit of a challenge. The first hole was a 431 yard par four. I hit a weak fade and ended up just off the fairway to the right. This left me about 185 out. I took 5 iron and ended up off the back of the green. Chipped up 2 putted for a bogey. Hole 2 is a nice long 196 yard par 3. I flaired my 4 iron out left and ended up in a creek. It was a very pretty hole from the tee box. The creek was hidden but looking at the hole map it was noticeable. It was a difficult but fair hole. Where the course really gets difficult was the par 5’s The first par 5 on the course is 573 yards from the tips.  It wasnt overly difficult just long. It had bunkers in the back as well as a bunker up front. Hole 4 brings another par 3 at 177. The hole has a creek up front. Another gorgeous hole. Hole 5 is another par 4. It is tight off the tee box. Trees line both sides of the fairway. A good tee shot leaves you about 140-160 in. Depends on the club you take off the tee box. A creek is up front (Notice a theme?). It requires another strong carry and its better to go long. 6 is a 483 yard par 4. Another long tee shot is required. Water sits right and 3 small bunkers are on the left. The smart play is to hit three wood off the tee and lay up to the sand. Leaves about 190 out. Take 4 iron and knock it close. A par was a good score. 7 gets us to a long par 5. It was another very pretty and tough hole. All you can do is hit it as well as you can. Guess what? There is a creek guarding the front of the green. I didnt really make much of it on the course but it is really a crutch they seem to rely on. I dont mind the water I just wish it was spread out. Everything seemed to be guarding the front of the green not the back. Hole eight was a very short par 4. It would have been reachable from the Blue tees for me but from the black tees at 313 it was just out of my reach. They did a great job of protecting the green from the tee box. It also made it kind of dangerous. They made the most direct route protected by water but also a giant tree. The looked like it was righ ton the green. In reality it was about 50 yards away. This did create a dangerous situation for us on the green. We were putting when suddenly a ball comes flying onto the green. From the tee box the green is not visible. After we yelled they all stopped hitting. Noone was hurt thankfully. Hole 9 is a wide open go big or go home par 4. Nothing hard or difficult at all. The ccourse was gorgeous throughout. The trees were beautiful and so were the creeks. The course was in surprisingly good shape. I say surprisingly because Wylie was hit with softball size hail about a week ago. Many of the courses on the course were having new windows or roofs installed.

Back 9

The back 9 was a lot of the same as the front. It was LONG. The back 9 includes a hole that played at 612  and another that played at 521. It was crazy. The 612 yard par 5 had water that almost forced a lay up. My playing paartner hit a beautiful shot blind over a mess of trees over the water.It was risky but it ended up perfect. There was also a 452 yard par 4. The longest par 3 was 210 yards. This 210 yard par 3 was protected by water on the front side and the back just fell off into a deep bunker. Again it was crazy. It did make me use some clubs I dont usually use. On the scorecard there was a section called mixed tees. I was wondering if that was for a mix use of Blue and Black tees. I was also curious as to which holes do you move to blue and which ones do you move to black. The course really likes to use water and this showed up on the back 9 just like it did on the front. On the back 9 I noticed some little medallions on the cart path. I took a look and investigated it. It was a marker for people to bring the family out and tell them where to tee off from. As someone who supports getting families out ot play golf I LOVE this idea. It makes it easier to play and your kiddos wont hold up the other golfers. All courses should establish these markers and tee boxes. The hardest hole I had to play was the par 4 452 yard par 4. I hit a great drive down the middle and long. This left me about 190 in with a carry of about 175-180 over water. I pulled 4 iron thinking long was best. I struck it very well and saw it take off towards the pin. I walk back to the cart and as we drive up I see I am pin high about 15 feet away. I of course 3 putted for a 5 and that was the maddest I have been on a golf course ever.



The course was great. It was hard but fair. I enjoyed the challenge. I didnt feel the length was too difficult. Especially on the par 5’s you just have to hit 3 good shots in a row. If you do that you will be rewarded. $20 was WELL worth it. I commented to some friends and my wife that it was the best $20 round of golf I have ever played. If that course was closer I would try to become a member and play it every day. the practice area could just use some up keep throughout the day but if that is my biggest knock on the place it must be pretty dang good. I give it a 92/100


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