Figuring it out

So this weekend I didnt manage to get out to the course but I did do a couple of golf related things this weekend. I am still fine tuning the golf bag and working on various things. In my fittings I decided to try out a new driver.

While scrolling through Craigslist I found a great deal on a Cleveland Classic 270 and an Edel Putter. I got an incredible deal on both of these items and decided to try the driver. I had played it in the past and liked it alot. Since then and now I have changed how I attack the driver. I launch it higher than I did then. I took it out and was just launching it too high I also couldnt hit the damn thing straight. It was frustrating. I think since it is extremely low weight, it really sped up my swing and threw off some of my timing. I couldnt square it up well at all. The sound also wasnt as nice as I remembered. I decided it was time to move forward with my search. I sold the driver for almost what I had in both clubs combined. When you have a very expensive putter in your possession you must try that as well. I took it out for a few rounds and the results were just ok. The big thing to me was the sounds the putter made. It was to tingy. I prefer a much more muted sound. I began searching online. I found someone willing to trade a JDM SLDR for my Edel. Knowing I needed a driver and didnt need a putter I decided to make the trade.

Fast forward 4 days and I stood on the range with my new SLDR (in wrapper). One thing about the SLDR to know is it launches low and doesnt spin. Knowing this information I set my new driver to a slightly higher setting taking my 9.5 to a 10.5. Out on the range i noticed this was obviously launching too high. I didnt bring the adjustment tool on accident so I couldnt fine tune on the range. Another big change I noticed was the fact the SLDR was longer than I currently played in my Adams. I know I need to cut it down to the same length and also fine tune the settings.

The new driver is a good performer. Well hit balls go to places on the range I hadnt hit before. The bad shots wernt as punishing as I was led to believe.  Again Im going to have to cut it down and get those settings correct. After I get that done it will be the search for the perfect putter. I went and did a fitting for that this weekend as well. I cant wait to tell you all about that as well.


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