Imperial Instant Cooling Towel

Its time for yet another product review.  Today I take a look at the Imperial Instant Cooling Towel.Measuring at 36″X 12″ this product is designed to cool you off on the course. It requires you to get it wet then you wring it wet and finally you wave it. Imperial is primarily a head wear company. They have been around since 1916 and are based out of Bourbon, Missouri. Big fan of the city name by the way. Now full disclosure on this review. I was sent this item to review by the Martini Golf Company. You can see my review on their flagship product here.



It does exactly as it is advertised. My golf bag usually has 3 towels one for my hands and face and anything else and the other is for my clubs. I normally dont get these towels wet and just play with them dry but for the sake of this review I decided to get the ‘body towel” wet. When I compare the Imperial towel wet and waved it around it would get signifigantly cooler. When I waved it around it would get cooler than if I hadnt waved it. When I say it gets cool I mean it gets COOL. It was almost too cool to even put on my body. I can imagine when it gets to about 100 degrees here in Texas it will feel even better.  The other thing I really liked was having the cooling and wet feeling on my body without the feeling of my hands being soaked. When I grabbed my normal towel it was soaking wet. Even after a wringing it left my hands feeling very slick. The Imperial towel uses moisture wicking material that somehow keeps the towel damp while making it not slick. I loved this about the towel.Quite a few people were interested in the towel and what it did. It was also very soft.



I dont have many cons on this item but there are a few. First is the fact that I have to keep it wet. It does dry out fairly quickly. Out on the course this left me some time where I had a dry towel that couldnt keep me cool. No amount of popping would keep it cool when not wet. I found my self hoping that a water cooler was coming up soon. The other problem I had was it was so far out of my normal routine it threw me off. I played about 6 or 7 rounds with the towel and on 3 of them I totally forgot to go into the bathroom and get it wet before the round. On hole 3 I was usually grabbing the towel and running over to the water cooler.



Overall I like the towel. Im not sure i would drop $20 for it. I will admit I am kind of cheap so I can think of other things I would spend $20 on. I am also from Texas. The heat doesnt bother me. That being said its a product that does EXACTLY what it says it does. It is a good quality towel. If you are looking for something like this I would advise you to take a good hard look at this product. It may not be the product for me but it does its job well. Overall I give it a 90/100 




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