SAM Putter Fitting

After my last round of terrible putting I decided not only is my technique terrible but I also have no confidence in what I am using as my putter. I went to a local Golf galaxy and saw they not only offered putter fittings but they offered SAM putter fittings. SAM is the best putter analyzing tool on the market. It is basically the Trackman of putters. I decided to try it out.

First off I love the fact they give you a PGA pro for the fitting. The pro at the Grapevine Texas store was Mike White and let me tell you he was as professional as they come. We did have a little misunderstanding but in no way was it Mikes fault. No one told him I was at the putting green and he thought it was a lesson. No big deal. Even though we started 20 minutes late and he in no way rushed our fitting.

To start off Mike told me to go grab some putters I would be interested in. I grabbed a traditional blade putter from Nike, my current Cleveland 3.5, a Seemore blade,Ping Ketsch, Metal X #9, and an Edel Torque Balanced. I hit  balls each with the golf ball of my choosing.  Mike didnt let me see any results between putters. I appreciated that. I was told to do my normal preshot routine and treat it like a normal putt. I also really liked the fact that I got to use my golf ball.

The Results:

After hitting all of the putters the SAM putting lab ranks all of the putters. They have 2 seperate rankings. The first is performance and the second is consistency. Performance measures the aim and the contact. The consistency tells us how you are able to replicate your stroke. As far as performance goes the Seemore performed the best. I was able to make the best stroke on the ball with the Seemore. I aimed it the best as well. When it came ot consistency the Edel Torque balance performed the best for me and it wasnt even close. I could make the same stroke with it over and over again. In calculating the overall score of the putter the consistency led the system to suggest the Edel Torque Balance. Now one thing the system doesnt measure is the result of the putt or the feel of the putter. Considering I made 4 of 5 from 12 feet away with the Ketsch I had to instantly  vault it up the leaderboard.

Ranking the putters I tried went as following

  1. Ketsch
  2. Edel Torque Balance
  3. Seemore
  4. Metal X
  5. Cleveland
  6. Nike

Mike and I took a look at the results and the recomendation was

A face balanced putter.

Heavier. 350-365 Grams

Possibly Counter Balanced

34 in

3 Degrees Flat

3 Degrees of Loft

You may be thinking 3 degrees is VERY FLAT. It is an unusally flat lie angle for a putter. The reason being is I am short but I have very long arms. This causes me to have a very exagerated toe up lie angle. This was also causing quite a bit of inconsistency in my face contact. I am now in search of the putter to fit me. The SAM putter fitting was very eye opening and awesome to experience.



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