A very busy golf day

When I showed up to the First Tee on Thursday the head instructor asked me if I had any plans for Saturday. I told him I was going to go play golf but I could be persuaded to do other things. He said eh had some tickets to the Emmitt Smith Charity Golf Tournament. It included food and drinks.

The Charity Tournament

The charity tournament took place at a private course in DFW named TPC Craig Ranch. It was my first time out there and it was GORGEOUS. My friend and I walked into the VIP tent and decided to grab our first beer. We saw the grandstand and decided to go watch some celebrities. It was fun to watch the celebrities come down the 18th hole. The 18th hole at Craig Ranch is a par 5 that requires a lay up. There is water in front of the green. I didnt see anyone go for it the whole time. Seeing how players approached this was fun. The food was great as well. The one thing that made it difficult to follow was the fact you couldnt really tell which celebrity was coming up the fairway and also no one was there to tell you who was coming up to the green. That was a little frustrating.


Now its my turn!

We stayed until 2:30. As I was walking out of the tournament I decided to hop online and check to see if their were any courses in the area I could go play. Google Maps told me that a course was 8 minutes away. Their website said they had a tee time in 22 minutes. I jumped in the car and took off down the road. I arrived to the course and asked if they still had room for a single. The guy in the clubhouse told me to hurry out and I could join the 2 some heading out. I didnt want to take this round too serious. I was having a fun day and wanted to continue the day. If I played well great if not that would be fine too.


How is that new driver working?

It was also my first round with the SLDR. I had no idea if I would be able to keep the ball on reservation. On the first tee I ripped it. It felt great and had a perfect ball flight. I obviousy thought this was an outlier. Next tee box I pull driver again. It was another huge driver down the middle. I was gaining an extra 15 yards on drives. I never trust GPS yardages but I had a shot that showed up as 332 and it was down the middle. Overall on the day I hit 10 of 14 FW’s. 2 of these were on the last 3 holes and one was a 3 wood that I leaked out right. I think I am going to love this thing. I ended up shooting an 88 though. I had 34 putts. Still cant putt at all. One problem I had was my allergies were atrocious. I couldnt putt all day because I was sniffling and having snot run down my face. Another big issue I had was the fact I was hitting my driver longer than usual. I kept launching wedges over the green. I hit 3 out of 18 greens. One of those was a par 3.  I see I need to get my wedges dialed in better. This will be really important if I keep hitting my driver this way. Its not a bad problem to have.

I feel I am hitting the ball really well. Its time to get everything to come together and have the round of my life.


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