New Irons

This time of the year is usually pretty quiet on the equipment front. Most guys on tour have the new stuff in the bag and there are not many releases. It can be kind of boring. That was until today. Today we got a brand new iron release from Ping.

Ping continues to consolidate

Over the last few years Ping has consolidated some of their lines. The K line has become the GMAX and the G Line has remained. The I series became the LS TEC in the woods and the i in irons. We knew the S series iron was set for a revamp this year. Well we found out what the new irons look like. We also found out that they will continue to consolidate lines. The S series irons will now be called the i blade.

download (23)

A glide like iron

The new iron looks just like the Ping Glide wedges. Im surprised they didnt just call them Glide irons. Me personally, I think the little cavity looks off for some reason. I think the same thing with the Glide wedges as well. Thats not me saying I hate them. One thing a lot of golfers want is a nice simple cavity on an iron. Taylormade can get carried away with some of their graphics. No one will accuse Ping of doing it on these.


A blade from Ping?

The s series irons have always been known as Pings “blade”. In my eyes they are not a true blade. They have a cavity in them. These have the name I blade so you are probably expecting a true blade. These do have a cavity. In my eyes they are not a blade. They may play like a blade with very little offset but to me they are still a CB. That being said I prefer a cb. Hell most golfers would prefer a little forgiveness. A lot of big time players play a CB. If Jordan Spieth can play a CB so can I.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think its a great looking iron despite the weird paint. I am a big Ping iron fan. They are my favorite iron brand every year. Their G series just hit it straight and high. The I series increases feel and uses less offset. I can only imagine these are going to be great.



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