Never trust the weatherman

Earlier this week I took a look at the weather forcast and saw rain. I saw rain Saturday,Sunday,and all this week. I took his advice and decided to make plans for the weekend with my wife.

Saturday rolls around and about 5 am a storm comes through. It was a pretty large storm. Enough that it freaked out our dog and kept me up for about an hour.  After I fell back asleep for a few hours my wife and I had some nice chores to do around the house. When I was done with those I could have went and played golf but I still couldnt shake the fact the weather forecast was calling for a 60 percent chance of rain. I kept looking at the sky and it seemed to be ok but here in Dallas storms roll in before you know it. The worst place to be when a storm rolls in is the 14th tee box. Trust me I have been stuck on the course with no umbrella or rain suit when it hits. I decided to go to the golf store and get some work done to my newly acquired putter. I got the lie taken down 3 degrees and a new super stroke grip added. For a guy who has never been a big Superstroke fan I couldnt pass up the opportunity.

Sunday was supposed to be more rain. Plus I had signed up to volunteer at my wifes job as a part of Feed the World. We woke up to celebrate Senior Sunday. My wife like usual knocked it out of the park. I was going to go practice for a hour but I came home and my wife wanted to take a nap. Me being the good husband I am I couldnt just let her take a nap by herself. We fell asleep and when we woke up it was time to head out and prepare 20,000 meals for children around the world. While the event was going on the skys kept looking dark and I thought there was a chance more rain would come in. It hadnt rained all day but I knew it was supposed to. I decided to not go hit some putts and head home.

Had I not thought it was going to rain I may not have even got the putter fixed and I would have been a lot less happy at the volunteer event tonight. As I sit here it is dark outside and I am listening to it rain. The weather man was correct. It did rain Saturday and Sunday but not at times that would have messed with golf. Sometimes the weatherman is wrong and sometimes when he is everything ends up working out perfectly


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