My Perfect Practice Plan

One of the things I find hardest to do is find a practice plan and stick to it. When you search practice plan golf on google there are a bunch of different ones. One is a 6 hour practice plan. If you dont have 6 hours like me to practice I can give you how I practice and any drills I may do during this time. It can be a starting point for you and feel free to change it as youd like.

Most practice plans are very regimented. The require you to hit an 8 iron 30 times. Then 40 minutes of your wedges. They will want you to putt for 25 minutes. I know this doesnt work. Your game will shift. Sometimes you are hitting your wedges great and sometimes you cant hit them.  My plan wants you to work on what you want but also work on everything else at the same time.


The Routine

Warm Up: 10 shots with Lob Wedge, Sand Wedge, Gap Wedge. I usually dont really aim at a target at this point. I am really just trying to get in the groove of things.

Second Step: I will pick out a target that is 150 yards away and grab my 8 iron. It is my club for 150 yards. I want you to grab your 150 yard club and go for it. It can be a 5 iron or a 9 iron it doesnt really matter. I will then hit 15-20 balls. After I hit those balls I do a brief analysis. Was I hitting it solid? Did I like the flight the ball had? Was the ball doing what I like it to or what it normally does? If I feel like everyhing felt pretty good I will move on. If I dont I will continue to hit balls with my 8 iron. My 8 iron is the club I am most comfortable with and if I am not hitting it well it a sign of bad things to come.

Third Step: It is at this point where I think about my game and what I most need to work on. For me recently it has been dialing in my wedge distance. It hurt me really badly in my last round and I dont want it to happen again. Other times it has been driver and 3 wood. I then hit golf balls until I have about 10 balls left. Throughout the bucket I am working on feel and various swing mechanics. If I am snap hooking the ball I am working on delaying my release. if I am hitting a slice I am wanting ot come more from the inside.

Wrap up: When I have about 10 golf balls left I go do the opposite of what I had been doing. If I am working on my wedges I will grab my driver and take 10 swings with it. If I have been working on driver and 3 wood I will jump over to my wedges and hit a couple of those as well. I want to make sure I am still touching all parts of my bag. I will occasionally grab my 4 iron and work on that if I havent in a while for my last 10. The last 10 is kind of a free choice. I personally use it to go opposite of what I was working on.

Chipping: Now depending on how much time I have this is when I head over to the short game area. I see people often grab a handful of range balls and start chipping. In my eyes this is a terrible thing to do. A range ball will not react like my golf ball will. I buy my golf ball because it spins how I like and how I am used to. I dont want to think if I hit a chip it will run out 15 ft then get on the course only to learn the golf ball I use checks up and stops at 15 ft from the hole. I grab 5 of my golf balls and just start chipping to random holes. I want to give myself different looks all the time. I want weird angles. I want weird slopes. I want short chips and I want long chips. No chip is ever the same on the course. I honestly do this until I get bored with it. I cant tell you if 15 minutes is ok or if 45 minutes is ok. Challenge yourself and make it fun. Hit your first one and try to get the next one inside of it. Then the next and so forth. Try to beat yourself.

Putting: I will usually end on putting. I play a couple of games to challenge myself. My favorite involves grabbing 4 tees. Put one 4 ft away from each side of the hole. On at the front,back,left,and right. Grab 3 golf balls and hit 3 from each spot. Your goal is to hit 9 out of 12. I like 9 out of ten because it requires you to go 3 for 3 from at least one spot. This game helps get you comfortable with the “easy” ones and it also helps you putt with a little pressure. I usually play this game last and will not allow myself to go home until I complete it. When you have your last 2 balls and you need to make both before leaving it can really add some pressure. Especially if it is 8:45 and you have been practicing for an hour already.


Make it work to your schedule

Thats how I practice. I will sometimes split up the practice as well. One day I will go and hit balls and then the next I will work on short game. It allows me to break it up and use my time better. It is easier for me to get away for an hour a day than to be at the range for 2 hours. I hope this helps someone. I know its hard to find a plan that works and fits your schedule. If it does help let me know by dropping a comment!




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