The Byron Nelson

A few months ago my dad was talking about coming up to the Byron Nelson with a friend. Obviously I was interested in going as well. While looking around on the internet I found a coupon for 4 tickets for $80. I sent it over to my mom and told her to show dad. About 2 days later mom told me that Dad had found a promotion that allowed Veterans a pair of free tickets everyday of the tournament. Seeing as how both my parents are vets it was a chance for a good ol’ family outing.


The Second Tee Box

As my parents and I walked in one of the first things we saw was a giant sand sculpture. It was incredible. At least 6 feet high. It took a lot of work to do. We also saw some of the various sponsor tents. Once we paid sponsorship row we were at the firs tee box. We were headed to 16 when I looked and saw the number 2 tee box wide open with about 5 people at it. I thought it would be cool to sit and watch the pros hit a 202 yard par 3 tee shot. My parents agreed and we watched a couple of groups. We started our trek again when I looked at Dad and said “The leaders are coming through in like 5 groups. We should stay and watch them.” Mom agreed with me. We decided to set up shop and watch the pros do what they do. This being my moms first tour event she was surprised at how close those guys would hit it. “Is that his ball? How did he do that?”. We were super close to the players too. We were about a 3 putt away from the players. So about 15 feet. About 40 minutes later my moms favorite player Jordan Spieth comes up to the tee box. We look behind us and see the crowd that was very light earlier is now about 10 people deep for all 202 yards. It was incredible to see the kind of following he brings. I can only imagine what it was like following Tiger in his prime. After Spieth hits the crowd dissipates and mom jokingly says ” Im ready to go home.” At this point we decided to figure out our next move for the day.


5 Star Service

On the way to the course my dad had mentioned that the veterans had a little box with food and drinks you could enjoy. My mom said she needed some water and the bathroom. We decided to walk over to 18 and check out the little suite. We walk over and sign in as we are signing in someone mentions that there is a little viewing platform for the veterans. I grab a soda and tell my dad I am going to go check out the viewing platform. He says ok and waits on my mom to get a little food and drink. I walk up and couldnt believe the view. It was incredible. We had the best seat in the house. I am sitting there and just waiting on my dad trying to save enough seats for everyone. Dad showed up about 10 minutes later and was also amazed by the view. Thanks to some quick thinking by my dad we manage to find 2 seats right next to each other. Now I will be honest my mom doesnt stay at things very long especially if they are outside. Its usually a few hour and then she says “Im done” and we all leave. This time was different though. She sat there all day. We had access to water and soda and she was super happy. Dad and I were starting to talk about the tournament and she was getting into it. She was nervous for the players and got super excited when they hit a good shot. It was fun to watch. It also helped the tournament was a really good one.


The Tournament

As I said the tournament was an exciting one. Brooks Kopeka had a lead going into the final round and was paired with Jordan Spieth. Everyone was expecting Spieth to make a Sunday charge in his hometown. That didnt happen and he actually had a pretty bad day. He played himself out of the tournament. One person did make a late charge. Sergio Garcia ended up coming to 18 tied with Brooks for the lead. He was in the group playing before Brooks. He ended up with a par and had to wait for Brooks to play 18. Brooks ended up on the green with a birdie putt to win. It slid past the hole and it was playoff time. It was play off time. After sitting on the 18th green all day it was pretty obvious the play was out right and to take the water out of play. We are watching the tee shots and we see Brooks dunks his tee shot in the water. That made things pretty easy for Sergio. He nailed his drive and from there it was all over. Sergio gets a par and Brooks walks away with a double and a second place finish. It was awesome to watch my mom live and die with each swing and putt.

All in all it was a great day. The weather was perfect. The view was perfect and it really helps the tournament was awesome. I love good golf and I love my family. All in all I couldnt have asked for more.



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