The most most frustrating round ever

After work this past Friday I decided to go play a Twilight round of golf. I got on the course around 5 and wanted to get a full 18 in. I had to play a little fast and I think it actually helped.

Going it alone

I went to Luna Vista golf course and when I walked in the pro shop staff told me I could head on out as a single. I headed out to the first tee and did not hit a very good tee shot. I still hit it a good distance. I didnt feel great hitting my tee shot but I hit my second shot well and got a par. Hole 2 at Luna Vista is my nemesis. Water is way right and the road is left. It is a Par 5 that I have never scored better than a 7 on. There is only one hole I have ever played often that owns me like this hole does. I step up and hit a push. I stayed dry! I was trapped behind a tree but I I took a look at the shot and determined I could start it left of the tree and cut it back. I ended up hitting it perfectly and left myself about 75 into the green. I took my two putts and walked off with a par. The round was going great! I missed the green on the par 3 third hole but got up and down. Hole four is a short par four and I felt confident with driver. I drove it to 60 yards yards out and got my 4th consecutive par.

The wheels come off

I stepped up to hole 5 very confident. I pulled driver and thinking I was playing great! I should have known trouble was coming with the big push on number 2 and missing the green right on the par 3. The ball took off right and stayed right. I actually ended up in the hole 4 fairway. The good news was I had a big time window to get my ball on the green. I obviously miss the green and end up with a double. Hole 6 has trouble right and a bunker left. I took 3 wood and ended up topping it to the forward tees. After missing the green I took my second consecutive double bogey. Hole 7 shows up and I ended up in the water on the right. I couldnt find the cup with my putter either and walked off the green with a triple. Hole 8 is a long uphill par 3. The pin is always on the right side guarded by a bunker. The shot requires a cut. I defiently hit a cut. The big problem was I started it out right and missed the green by about 30 yards. I shanked the following chip. I hit the next one into a bush. I chipped up to the green with my 4th shot.  Thats yet another triple. I rolled up to 9 frustrated.  I ended up hitting into the water but thanks to a really good 3rd shot I was able to walk away with a par on the par 5. For those of you counting that is a 10 over 46 on the front 9. That is making 5 pars. Try to find a worse 4 hole stretch. It gets even worse when you look at my back 9

It gets better

I started the back just like I started the front. 4 straight pars. Hole 14 got me back on the bogey train. I followed it up with another bogey. It started to get dark and I needed to hurry up. Playing a little faster got scores to go back down. I hit a great tee shot on 16 and was able to knock it on the green. I lipped out for yet another par. 17 is a long par 5 and I played it terribly but scrambled to get a bogey. Heading into 18 it was pretty dark but I was determined to play 18 holes.  18 requires a nice draw or else you will end up in the bunkers that protect the dog leg. I ended up hitting my longest and straightest drive all day and went over the bunkers. I hit my second shot right of the green. I rattled the stick on the chip. Putted in for my par.

That right there is the most frustrating 85 in the history of ever. If you need help counting that is 0 birdies, 11 pars, 3 bogeys, 2 doubles,and 2 triples. In 7 holes i managed to shoot 13 over. It was absolutely frustraing yet I will be out there on Monday playing 18. This game is so rewarding such as when I got my lowest score on hole 2 and so frustrating at the same time.


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