Annoying things golfers do

During my last round I realized people do something that drive me nuts on the golf course. I get irrationally mad and it made me stop and think what are the top 5 things that drive me insane on a golf course

  • Slow play– I assume this one drives a bunch of people insane but I will add a caveat to this. It really annoys me during Twilight golf. In my last round I was out at twilight trying to get in a full 18 holes and I got caught behind a group of 3 who insisted on taking 5 practice swings per person per shot.  Then they wernt playing ready golf. Everyone drive to someones shot. Then after they hit everyone to the next shot. Drove me insane. LOOK WERE ALL TRYING TO GET 18 IN HERE! LETS GO!
  • Guys who insist on taking 8 minutes looking for a lost golf ball– This goes with number 1. I hate when all 4 members of a group are looking for one guy’s golf ball. All 4 are walking around looking. all going “It llooked like it went into the deep words about here”. Then when you ask him what he is playing and he goes “Slazenger”. I just want to say those are 12 dollars for 2 dozen. Here is 50 cents, can we keep playing?
  • No fixing ball marks– This guy is just a jerk. Fix your damn ball mark. It isnt hard. If you dont have the tool a playing  partner does. If they dont, use a tee. If you dont have a tee go put your putter up and drive off the course and go home.
  • Guy who drives his cart near the green or on the tee box– I hope bad things happen to you. That is all
  •  Guy who picks up your golf ball without even checking– Hey! Thats my ball. Yea the guy on the tee box of the fairway youre on. I know its weird to think a golf ball not yours would be there but I dont know check to see if its mine. Oh by the way I see you and I see you grab the ball. Now its going to be awkward because I have to ask you if you took my ball knowing good and well you did.

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