Practice what you preach

I know I can sometimes be pretty cynical of things I read online. I would imagine when you read my series on how to get golf equipment on a budget you probably thought I was a blow hard.Take a look at my newest purchase. It is an Olimar EZ Roll push cart. Its not the newest but I would imagine it sells around 60-70 bucks and I grabbed it for 15. It was new without box. I had to cut the zip ties on the straps and the tires were brand new. I was super excited.


How did I get it?

I was searching for one on craigslist and wasnt having much success I found a couple for $30-50 but that was more than I wanted to pay for an experiment. Well I was watching Tv when I heard an ad for 5 miles. I thought what the hell. I downloaded the app and searched for Golf. Nothing was coming up that I was interested in. I woke up on Saturday and had a notification from the app saying there was new golf items. I opened up the app and there it was. I sent a message to the buyer and we agreed on a price. 2 hours later I was the proud owner of a new push cart.One things I loved about 5 miles was the fact it was all handled through the app. I didnt have to send an email. It was like texting someone. I dont know why but it felt much more secure. I have no problem using craigslist but this was a great experience 5 out of 5 stars for 5miles

Why did I get it?

To be frank I wanted it to save money.If you have read this blog at all you know I dont like spending money. Last week I wrote about my twlight round of golf at Luna Vista. The one where I shot 13 over with 11 pars. When I showed up I was told my fee with cart was 29 dollars. That seemed fair but I decided to do some research when I got home. What I found amazed me. The green fee was only 14 dollars. That means I spent 15 dollars to use a cart. A cart DOUBLED my fee. Hell for the price of the cart rental I bought my push cart. I like to spend my money on playing golf not using a golf cart. It amazed me how much I was paying for that cart. I decided no more. I went and bought the push cart.

A couple of days ago I played my first round walking with the push cart. How did it go? Read tomorrow. Ill give a first impression of the cart and what its like to walk the course when its 92 degrees and sunny.


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