Time to go for a walk

Yesterday I wrote about my new push cart and how I was ready to start walking the course. I was going to do it for some money savings but I also wanted to get some small health benefits as well. Well Monday was one of the first times I have ever walked and it was an experience.

Here goes nothing!

I walked up to the pro shop getting ready to play. On a holiday Monday it normally would have cost me 37 dollars but the walking rate was 22 dollars. In my mind that was a new golf glove or even some more golf. In preparation I got brand new insoles for my shoes too. I knew walking 6 miles was going to do some damage on my feet. When I walked up to the clubhouse they told me to hurry up and join the group on the tee box. I will blame my first few holes on the fact I was really rushed.

How was the cart?

The biggest observation I had was how much easier it was to read chips,pitch shots, and putts. This is because you approach the green from the front for the most part. You pick up the contours of the green and the course much more this way. It was very interesting. I also realized how much sitting around there is when you are in a cart. When you are walking you reach your ball and its pretty much time to hit. Things are constantly moving. Now everything sounds good so far but I do think a nicer cart would have helped with some of my problems. I didnt really have a great place to put my water bottle. It went in my bag but I would have liked a lace on the cart. I also didnt have a place to put my cell phone. Granted I didnt use it the whole time but if my wife called or something i would still like it with me and not in my golf bag. I dont want to go to my bag every time I want to see it. My partner had a nice Clicgear with all types of accessories. Maybe if I show a commitment to walking I can convince my wife to get one.My other partner had a nice Sun Mountain. Also a very nice cart and a big upgrade over mine.  I will say my feet were shot. On hole 5 I texted my wife “Whos stupid idea was it to walk?” On the back 9 I was looking for every bench possible. That being said I dont think it messed up my game. I actually shot better without the cart than I did with the cart. I shot an 81. Again I really believe walking helped me get a feel for the course. I was putting and chipping so well one of my playing partners asked if I played high school golf. I said I played one tournament my senior year and shot like a 106. I had just started. Somehow I didnt finish last. He responded that he thought I did because I seemed like I learned the game the right way. Putting and chipping were my strong points. The noise you hear coming from the Waco TX area is from my dad and his friend Mark laughing at that sentence.

How was the course?

The course was soaked. Luna Vista sits in a pretty bad flood plain and is surrounded by a reservoir. When we get a little rain it will flood out the course and they usually close one side. Well on hole 2 I hit a great drive. I was 280 out and decided to go 8 iron and follow it up with a pitching wedge in. I pure an 8 iron down the middle of the fairway when all of a sudden I see a splash. I knew I wasnt even close to the water. As I walk up to my ball I see this.


My playing partner chuckles and hands me his ball retriever. I grab the ball and hit my next shot. The whole course was this way.  As we walked onto the 10th tee box the manager comes out and wants to make sure we dont get cut in line because the front 9 is closed. They did a great job of keeping the course moving


Overall it was a great experience. The cart is still in the trunk and ready for its next round. My feet hurt and it was really hot but I had a good time. The 81 speaks for itsself I guess. I hope i keep getting these results from walking!








One thought on “Time to go for a walk

  1. Keep walking, your game will improve for sure. I agree that you have a better feel for the game when walking. I notice that when I carry, it is even better. But that will be the next stage in your adventure.


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