A good spot to be in

I am always on the search for the newest club to help me lower my score. I love new (used) equipment. It makes me happy and I love the search. Well I have reached a point where I am happy with all of my clubs and dont get interested when I look at other clubs.

This has led me to buying new things that arnt golf clubs. For example a few weeks ago I noticed my local Academy store had my E5 golf balls for 20 dollars. That is a crazy good price. I bought a dozen a few weeks ago. Well I need a new golf glove and decided I could use another dozen golf balls. Through the use of some coupons i ended up with 2 dozen E5’s from academy for 30 bucks. Since I got the bag in order a few weeks ago I havent bought a single club but I have bought

  1. 3 dozen golf balls
  2. A push cart
  3. Large bag of small tees
  4. Membership to PGA Superstore players plus

For once in my golfing lie I feel I have a set that can move me forward. My wedges are great. My irons are great. I have finally found a driver to maximize my distance. I got my putter custom fit for me and I found a golf ball that performs how I like. Look through my golf bag I have a couple more purchases before I am fully content. I would like a new golf glove. The one i have is wearing out in the thumb. Its still ok for a while but I will need a new one soon. I may also look to find a pair of shoes on closeout. I love my pair of Trues but the nubs are wearing down. I dont get the grip I used to with them. Well Ill let you know when I find something and also what I think of it. The game is trending the right way so keep up with my quest.


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