A big deception

A few weeks ago I cam across an article that really annoyed me for some reason. It was an article on another golf forum. It was the announcement of a study done by Golftec and it was going to show the results of a study taken over many years that compared how pros swing to how amateurs swing.

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So much hype

The title of the article is GolfTEC’s groundbreaking study shows why you aren’t a pro golfer. If you want to read it then click the link and it will go into details about the study. As i was reading I thought it sounded interesting and was like lets check out some data. I went over to the Golftec website excited to bust into some pros numbers and some high handicaps numbers. I wanted to see video I wanted to see some data. What I got was 5 side by side views of how a pro looks when they swing vs an amateur. All poses done by the same guy. This screams BS to me. Then to try and throw you a bone they show you a pro golfer. 46 year old Shane Bertsch the 189th ranked player in the world. They also show an 8 handicap and a high handicap. One problem I have is the fact they have 6 parts of they swing that they measured. They have each players measurements and they have the tour average underneath that. We dont know which tour or tours. They also have the numbers color coordinated. Green is close to tour average yellow is acceptable and red is bad I assume. When I look at the Tour pro he has 4 green 1 yellow and 1 red. Then I glance down at the low handicaapper and he has 4 green and 2 yellow. No red. So based on this I am to believe the low handicap is closer to the tour average than the tour pro. At this point I was skeptical but now I really dont believe it.

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Women and men shouldnt be compared in golf

Another big flaw is the high handicap player they used. They used a woman golfer. They compared her to the same tour averages as the other 2 golfers. this is flawed because I would assume ( I could be wrong) that the averages on the LPGA tour are different than the PGA tour. Their impact hip turn could be vastly different than a PGA touring pro. If I am supposed to believe that they took averages from every tour and put it as the tour averages here the numbers are incredibly flawed. Some women have a few things that get in the way of a golf swing that can limit a shoulder turn or the tilt of a shoulder. Women golfers tend to be more flexible. Again I am speaking in generalities here but it shouldnt be over looked. Comparing a woman to a man when it comes to a golf swing is stupid.

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Trust us, we know what we are talking about

A big takeaway from this for me was in the FAQ. Golftec has been teaching since 1995. They have a theory they teach. After all of this research golftec has “not changed in anyway since this study” this makes no sense to me. If you have all of this ground breaking information I would want to make sure I am teaching it perfectly. Golftec is saying they have been teaching correctly this whole time. What they are saying is that they have been teaching you the correct way this whole time and to keep seeing them.

Marketing hype is real

Golfers are bombarded by marketing everytime a new club comes out. We are told that every club will get you a bunch of extra yards. It will make you hit it 320 yards and hit it perfectly straight. We all know that wont work everytime. This is no different than any other marketing ploy. You can have a perfect hip turn at impact but if you are still coming over the top and cant shut the club face at impact you still wont be great. If you swing the driver at 85 MPh you wont be a tour pro. Thats why you are not a pro. I am not a pro because I cant putt and I dont hit it 325 yards. No amount of hip turn at impact will help me with that. Im not saying Golftec is bad or good what I am saying is the way this data has been presented is terrible.


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