Long time no see

I know I havent written much.The weather hasnt really been cooperating. All last week we had nothing but rain. The rain ended up closing the course right by me. I havent been able to get out to the course. It also didnt help my wife was leaving for 9 days

This is where my PGA Superstore membership comes into play. Despite the fact that it has been raining I have still been able to get some practice in. During my last round the new driver got a little sideways. I have been working on that on the sim. Another great aspect of the PGA Superstore simulators is the fact you can pull up video. I saw I was getting a little outside to in and that was causing my cut. I am really trying to work on it right now.

Another problem I am having right now is the spin on the driver. The SLDR is generally considered one of the lowest spinning drivers ever produced. Despite this fact I am still spinning this thing like a top. I am actually hitting it a mere 5 yards past my 3 wood. I need to get it out on the course


Overall I am happy with the direction my game is heading. Everything seems to be coming round and I am starting to put up good scores. Unfortuanetly the handicap is heading the wrong direction for some reason but at the start of the season it was lower than it should have been due to some low scores when I was playing often. I am around a 9.5 right now. Once i get that down to a 5 I will start playing some competitive tournaments.


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