A nice pampering

A few months ago I went and got fit for a putter. I was told I needed a face balanced putter 3 degrees flat. I could have bought a Ping Ketsch. It worked in the fitting. I thought about it but I wanted to check all of my options.

A new putter may not fit the budget

One thing about this blog is I like to do things on a budget. I usually search for my clubs to be owned. Knowing that I needed the club to be bent 3 degrees was going ot make my search difficult. Most people dont order putters 3 degrees flat. That obviously means people wont be trading in putters that are 3 degrees flat.  Putters dont always bend easily. One day while looking over the information I remembered a putter that we used to have at the golf school I worked at. It was a brand named Kirk Kurrie. They were known for their putters being custom fit for the lie angle. They have a special neck that allows them to be bent easily. They would arrive to the shop very upright and very long. We would be able to cut them down to the playing length and then bend them easily for the lie. They were also face balanced. At this point i was very interested and decided to start on my search for a new putter.

Lets see what we can find.

For the next few days I began to search for a Kurrie on ebay and craigslist. I was getting some luck but nothing that I was too intrested in. On Thursdays I have the First Tee and on my way I pass a great little golf shop. I stop in on a weekly basis to say hey and see if they have anything. It is never a bad thing to know people at your local golf shop. As I walked in I went straight to the putters. I took a look at some Scotty Camerons and some other high end putters. As I am looking around I saw an old rusty putter that looked familiar. I pick it up and I see the name. It said Slazenger. I looked at the bottom and suddenly it hit me. I see Slazenger by Kirk Kurrie. I took a look at the price tag and saw $10. I took it up front and paid. When I took it to the First Tee I could tell I was going to like it. A few days late I went and got the lie adjusted and put on a new Super Stroke grip. The next round I was draining everything. To make sure it wasnt a fluke I took it to the next round and again couldnt miss.

It works. Now lets make it pretty

At this point I decided I wanted to keep this putter and possibly make it look better than it looked before. I started to do the research and after looking I realized it was going to be pretty close to $100 dollars to do this. That was probably a little more expensive than I wanted to spend. As I kept looking I found a place called Custom Craft Golf. I saw the price was $60. I also saw they were local. I stopped by the shop and asked to see some of the various finishes. I was happy with what I saw. A week later I dropped it off and was told it would take 7 days. 3 days later I received a call telling me my putter was done.


The anticipation was killing me


Yesterday I drove over and picked up my new toy. He pulled it out of the back and I was amazed. The putter was a torched finish. Depending on the light it would be blue and in others it would be brown. In a different light it is purple. I also made sure they did the paintfill as well. To match my bag I obviously did Red and White. I have a one of a kind putter that no one else has. I see plenty of Ping Ketsch putters out on the course. I have never seen a custom torched Slazenger putter. I cant wait to get it on the course. Take a look at some of the pictures I have of it.

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